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Sandals for All

Are you tired of having to wear heels, sneakers, or boots wherever you go? Dream Pairs has the perfect pair of women's sandals for all the times you want to look cute, feel comfortable, and have everyone jealous of the heat on your feet! Our platform sandals provide a little more height if you're looking for some extra inches to boost your confidence. Why not try on a pair of our versatile wedge sandals to give you the business casual look you've been striving to pull off? We've got chunky sandals and flat sandals to pair with all the beautiful outfits trapped in your closet!

Work it Girl

With all of our options, you'll be able to express yourself in the best way possible. You can keep it simple with a pair of our black sandals or you can switch it up by choosing from a variety of our selections to fit your own needs. You also have the choice of being a little more exposed with a pair of our open-toe shoes or sticking to a more conservative look with our closed-toe sandals. If you really want to be bold you'll have to wear a pair of our stiletto sandals at the club, on a dinner date, or just a night out with the girls.

Be You

Dream Pairs is all about expressing who you really are and making all of your dreams come true. Let us make all your dreams come true. Shop our selection of sandals today

 Types of Sandals for Women

Sandals often get constricted to specific rules, such as how to style them and get the best out of the items available. Hence, as a versed stylist or a newbie in the female fashion business looking to add a pair of sandals to her shoe collection, it is essential to learn how to dot the i's and cross the t's in the guide provided for you below.

Sandals are open-toed shoes usually worn in warm weather or are often the top choice for a casual event. Besides these known attributes, sandals display other features you are aware of or yet to. From the heels to lace sandals, let us get into the complete details of the different sandals for women.

Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are one of prominent sandals designed for women and young adults. As their name suggests, these sandals are flat and have no heels like most other sandals. Instead, they comprise a narrow thong: a thin piece often found between the hallux and index toe. Also present are straps that hold the shoe tight to the feet and prevent it from slipping.

Most preferred as casual, these sandals are ideal for tall women who do not intend to increase their heights. Considerably, they are the typical sandals needed for trekking a long distance. While you can find them in hues of whites, reds, and several others, the sandals exemplify simplicity when worn with the appropriate female outfit.

Ankle Strap Sandals

Ankle strap sandals are sandals having unitary or different straps that hold the shoe to your feet. Besides the leg support, the straps provide extra aesthetics to behold. You can find ankle straps in sandals with low heels or otherwise high-heeled sandals.

Often, the ankle strap sandals and not the ordinary straps (not fixed at the ankle) rarely possess thongs. However, they can have a slingback to enable further support at the posterior of your feet. The sandals are available in different colors, including blue and black sandals. The shoe colors rarely appear different from the sole.

Lace-Up Sandals

Lace-up sandals are the typical summer shoe easily noticed when worn by women. In contrast to ankle-strapped sandals, they comprise shoelaces that could be thin or broader. As you can infer from its name, these sandals have shoelaces to keep them tight with your leg by wrapping the laces around the ankle.

The lace-up styles are in flat sandals and block heel sandals, providing you with different options to make your preferred choice. They are, however, best suited for smart-casual events.

Wedges Sandals

Wedges are sandals with high heels equivalent to other parts of the shoes. Despite their height, these wedge sandals are comfortable as they distribute your body weight uniformly. You can find them with straps that keep the leg firm at the ankle and sometimes slingbacks at the rear for extra support.

The wedge sandals have become excluded from the generalized rule associated with sandals, and they are now more formal if well-styled. However, the most prominent color to style with formal attire is black, and you can take a pair with the rubber-made or leather-made wedges sandal.

Platform Sandals

Platform sandals are yet another sandal made with high heels. These sandals have a long history dating back to the early sixties and have become prominent in the female fashion scene in subsequent years. They are renowned for both casual and formal appearances.

You can find the Platform Sandals in different colors, and their height often varies. The straps exhibited in the sandals are also in different shapes and are sometimes absent in these shoes.

Chunky Sandals

Also known as the flat-form sandals, chunky sandals are more like flat sandals lifted to a higher level. Chunky sandals have been around for a while and do not appear they will leave the fashion space soon. The most noticeable feature of these sandals is that they are often uniform throughout their bottoms. While you can wear them casually, you can also use them in summer and winter with the required ensembles.

 How to Style Women’s Sandals

Sandals are comfortable, which is one of the main reasons they are your first choice when shopping for shoes. Possibly, comfort comes before you can radiate splendor. Either way, you must get the top-quality styles out of these shoes without sacrificing comfort. You can, however, enjoy the duo by taking these tips into action.

Wear with Jeans

We know women can afford to go the extra mile to look best in any of their favorite sandals. But nothing beats having a simple style without having to worry yourself out. Jeans are simple casual female wear and an all-around year outfit like your sandals. To make a simple style, wear jeans with sandals.

Different jeans can arguably go well with sandals if styled correctly. From skinny jeans to wide-legged jeans, a pair with women's sandals will radiate nothing less than the preferred look you imagine. If you want to flaunt the street style, wear ripped jeans with a crop toe. In contrast, you can go for chunky or flat sandals with your skinny jeans to keep things cool.

Wear with Dress

Dresses are another female ensemble appropriate to style women’s sandals. Wearing dresses with these sandals is acceptable and not out of place. Whether you opt for the mini dress with white sandals on a summer day or the loose maxi dress in winter, the sandals are ideal for a casual and semi-casual outing with sandals.

When wearing dresses with women’s sandals, you can go for the flat heels or take high heels such as platforms to increase your height and elongate your legs. Both are suitable for you to use. You can, however, go with a long sleeve, short sleeve, or sleeveless dress. The goal is to make yourself comfortable.

Wear with Skirts

Wearing your sandals with skirts is another way to style them. Are you considering being cute in sandals without restricting your airflow? Skirts are the best option to suit your interests. In rare situations, getting skirts paired with sandals could be tricky, especially for newbies, but it is what you can bypass with simple tactics.

You can wear your sandals with a mini-skirt to make it look stylish. If you prefer to keep things casual and not too exposed, a midi skirt is ideal for your intentions. However, you can always go natural in this pair, and it will always emerge great.

While you can categorize sandals as casual shoes, some women's sandals tend formal when properly styled. Heeled wedges, platforms, and strappy sandals are suitable examples. These sandals suit formal events. However, unless they are essential to compliment your dress outfits, they are not specifically ideal for office situations.

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