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Reach Your Goal

Soccer season is approaching. Now is the time to prepare your little budding athlete with a pair of their own stylish, durable, and lightweight Kids' Dream Pairs soccer cleats. Dream Pairs cleats for boys and girls are made with a high-quality synthetic upper for lightweight action and long-lasting durability. The TPU-injected outsole provides the stability and grip required for premium ball control and responsive movement.

Run The Field

Dream Pairs Soccer Cleats are available in various colors and styles. Choose subtlety with a pair of black, white, or nude Dream Pairs cleats or shine bright with a pair of neon green or pink soccer shoes for kids. Allow your tiny athlete to properly express themselves and show off their brand new cleats on the field. Whether you need boy soccer cleats or girl soccer cleats, we have a pair for the whole family

Beat The Competition

Experience unheard of speeds. Encourage your little one to fly down the field with comfortable and responsive high top Dream Pairs soccer cleats. Our well-built and high-tech Dream Pairs cleats for girls & boys are strdy and will enhance your child's confidence. These kids soccer shoes also come with different sizes including 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11,13 and more.

What to Consider When Choosing Kids Soccer Cleats?

  • Child’s Level

    When your child first starts playing soccer, they may not be ready for a high-quality pair of youth soccer cleats yet. They may also be at a stage where they do not have enough experience with the sport so they cannot tell whether or not something is uncomfortable or not working well for them. If your child is just starting out, it might be best to get them a pair of cheaper soccer cleats until they get used to playing and know what they want in their footwear.

  • Durability 

    Youth Soccer cleats should be durable and comfortable so that they can withstand the rough play that goes on during games. Look for a pair of shoes with a reinforced toe and heel, as well as additional stitching around the ball area for added durability.

  • Comfort

    Don’t forget about comfort! Finding a pair of shoes that will fit snugly but not too tightly on your child’s feet is key to ensuring comfort during play. If they have narrow feet, then you need to buy them shoes with less volume and more support around the ankle area.

  • High Traction

    The most important feature to look for in a soccer cleat is traction. You want something with good grip so that no matter how hard or fast your child runs or jumps during games, they won’t slip or slide around while playing soccer!

  • Check the Tongue and Laces

    Soccer cleats come with laces that can be tied or Velcroed in place. If you choose laces, make sure they’re easy to tie and don’t have any frayed ends or grommets that could come loose during play. Tie them tightly enough so they stay put but not so tight that they cut off circulation or cause blisters — especially on chubby little toes!

  • Know Their Foot Type

    When choosing soccer cleats for your kids, it's important to know how they stand and walk. If they have flat feet, then you need to buy them cleats that are wide in the forefoot area. If their toes are spread out on the ground, then you need to buy them shoes that have room in the toe box area.

  • Consider Breathability

    The material used in the upper part of your cleats will make a difference in how comfortable they are. Some materials are more breathable than others, which means they allow air to flow through them more easily. This is especially important if you play on hot days or in warmer climates.

  • Choose the Right Size

    Soccer cleats come in different sizes to accommodate different foot shapes and sizes. Come popular kids soccer shoes sizes are 11,12 and13. If you're buying online, look at the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer so that you know what size to order.

What Are Soccer Cleats?

Kids Cleats are tiny protrusions on the bottom of a footwear that give a player grip as they move around the field.

Kids Cleats come in different shapes, sizes and materials depending on their purpose. For example, cleats meant for grass fields are different from those made for artificial turf or indoor fields.

Your child’s first pair of soccer cleats is an important investment that can affect their performance on the field.

It is essential to know what to look for in a pair of soccer cleats so that your child will have the best experience possible.

Difference between Soccer Cleats and Football Cleats

Kids Cleats are tiny protrusions on the bottom of a footwear that give a player grip as they move around the field.

The main difference between a soccer cleat and a football cleat is that the latter has more padding, which helps protect the foot during contact sports like football.


Soccer players play on a different surface than football players and need different types of shoes to accommodate those surfaces.


A soccer shoe is typically made out of leather or synthetic materials, such as kangaroo leather or polyurethane. It will have an all-purpose stud configuration, which means that there are many studs on the bottom of the shoe that allow for great traction without sacrificing comfort.


Football cleats have thicker soles so they can withstand hard impacts from other players. These shoes also have larger studs on their soles to provide more grip and traction when running or diving on wet surfaces such as grass or dirt.

What Should Your Kids Wear to Soccer Practice?

Soccer is a sport that can be played by people of all ages and fitness levels. It's easy to get started in soccer, but it can take some time to get good at it. Kids who play soccer need to practice their skills regularly so they can become better players.

Here are some tips for what you should wear when your kids go to soccer practice:

  • Wear shoes with cleats and ankle support.
  • Wear shin guards if they're available.
  • Wear shorts or pants that don't interfere with movement or have loose strings or drawstrings that could get caught in the field's turf or equipment.
  • Wear your child a jersey made of lightweight material with sleeves that allow freedom of movement while protecting your your little one from sunburns caused by exposure to direct sunlight during outdoor practices.
  • Bring along an extra change of clothes for each child. If you know it will rain, pack an umbrella and rain gear just in case!

Soccer is a sport that requires a lot of movement and coordination, which means that your child needs the right equipment to be able to perform at their best. Soccer cleats are an important piece of equipment because they give your child the balance and stability needed for proper footwork.

The benefits of soccer cleats for children include:

  • Better traction: The raised rubber studs on the bottom of the shoe provide more traction so your child can make quick cuts without slipping or sliding.
  • Greater stability: The heel height on most cleats is higher than casual shoes, which gives your child greater stability when running or cutting.
  • More cushioning: Most cleats have an extra layer of padding in the heel to absorb shock from each step so your child's feet don’t get tired or hurt as quickly during games.
  • Protection: Soccer cleats protect your child's ankles from injury by keeping them from sliding around in their shoes.

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