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Discover Love

A model look that’s snug, plush, and homelike. That’s love. Select from our Women’s Mid-Calf Boots collection and dig up love at first sight. Our Calf Length Boots come in chunky, white, or tan. Shine brightly under the lights of a new protective romance with our premium mid-calf leather boots.

Beat The Cold

Train yourself to beat out the cold like a real professional. It’s that time of the year again. Beat out the cold like a true vet. After all, you’ve experienced winter plenty of times before this. What’s new? This time you’ll beat the cold with our Dream Pairs Winter Boots and win the season.

Snow-stopping Fashion

Black Mid-Calf Boots, Mid-Calf Slouch Boots, and Chelsea Boots are great style choices this winter. Sharing your love for comfort, we’ve outfitted all-out boots with well though-out designs and non-slip rubber soles for traction. The best part? The waterproof properties in almost all of our Winter Boots are the first step in achieving, snow-stopping fashion. 

Popular Types of Mid-Calf Boots for Women

  • Mid-Calf Platform Boots

    The mid-calf platform boots come in a well-crafted design that is fashionable and versatile. These boots are edgy, trendy, and ever–ready for you to style with a range of modern wears for women. For every fashionista, they are appropriate as long as you know what the styling would take. They possess a comfy insole that will keep your feet warm when it comes to winter periods. While you may wish to wear them throughout the day, the boots are lightweight and will not weigh your legs down.

  • Mid-Calf Lace-up Boots

    The mid-calf lace-up boots encompass body features appropriate for women's outfits. These boots are versatile, classic, and edgy to style. Their easy zippers design makes them easy for you to slip on and off. Mid-Calf Lace-up Boots have a non-slippery sole that enables easy traction on different land terrains. If you are longing to hike, these boots' outsoles are appropriate and comfortable to wear.

  • Mid-calf Combat Boots

    These mid-calf combat boots are supportive, and they come with an excellent design. Besides, they have a  outsole durable for different land terrain. Coupled with these features is the moderate low heel height that makes them comfy to wear for a long time. If you want easy on and off boots, these boots come with a side upper that enables easy wearing. They also come in different colors, including gray, nude, and blue.

  • Mid-calf Winter Boots

    One of the other best types of mid-calf boots for women is winter boots. As the name suggests, these boots possess a padded faux insole that provides warmth for your feet during winter. These boots are moderate to accommodate diff legs sizes.

How to Style Mid Calf Boots for Women

Mid-calf boots are one of the most fashionable boots that every woman can own and wear right now. As the name suggests, these boots are higher than ankle boots. Yet, they are suitable for different leg sizes and are versatile for you to style with diverse female apparel. Here are the styles you can try out with your mid-calf boots if you have got a pair.

Mid-Calf Boots with Denim

Mid-calf boots with denim are one of the best styles if you are looking for an outfit that is trendy and edgy. This style is suitable for women, and you can add them to your outfit list all around the year. Whether you prefer the short or long skinny denim that covers your legs, both are appropriate to style with these boots.

You can easily style your mid-calf boots with skinny or cuffed jeans, and you will love the aesthetic. The duo is fashionable and moderate for you to wear at different times of the year and events inclusive. This style will go well ordinarily if you are on a casual visit to a friend. If you aim to elevate your appearance, wear skinny denim with these boots and complement them with a white t-shirt.

When the season begins to drift towards winter periods, you can choose to add a knitted sweater or blazer to your ready-made boots/denim style. Select a brown mid-calf boot to complete the winter look. If you are picky with colors, you can opt for other neutral colors like black, white, or gray.

Mid-Calf Boots with Skirt

When it comes to mid-calf boots, you can always style them with non-stuffy apparel and also rule out the option of going for pants. One of these other simple ways is to wear your mid-calf boots with skirts, and you will have the best styling you envisage for your boots. Skim through midi or maxi skirts. Both will look good on you with a crop top.

You can variably use midi skirts to style mid-calf Chelsea boots that are neutral in color. However, you can choose to crisscross them, especially when your outing demands an elegant look from your end. If you want it loose and cozy, you can wear the black mid-calf boots with your midi skirts.

More so, miniskirts are also appropriate to style your boots as both a formal and casual outfit. If you aim to elevate your look at the office, choose a Leather mini skirt with heeled mid-calf boots, and they will not look bad.

Wear Mid-Calf Boots with Dress

If you aim to style your mid-calf boots with an outfit that suits the boot versatility, your female dress is also one of the best ways to go. This styling is appropriate for both casual and formal events. To a greater extent, you can swerve your look professionally with these form-fitted boots.

Depending on the weather, you can wear your midi or maxi dress. Although quite casual, your maxi dress can look edgy with a simple touch of women's mid-calf boots. If you want to maintain the casual status quo, you can complement it with a sweater, which won’t look bad during winter.

When it comes to formal outings, mini dresses are suitable for you to wear. While you may be less versed with the exact colors to choose, black mid-calf boots are appropriate, and they will not look bad on you.

Wear with Leggings

Another way to style your mid-calf boots is to wear them with leggings. Although leggings seem quite different in form and structure from jeans, they are also suitable to wear with a range of mid-calf boots. The leggings-mid calf boots styling is fashionable, and they will not look cheesy on you.

When it is time to head out, you can opt for your favorite pair of t-shirts with leggings, and they will look just exactly the way you want them to look. Even better, leggings will elevate your height if you are not tall. If it is about color selection, black shirts will always look great with any pair of mid-calf flat boots. You can also try out jackets if you want to.

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