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Back To School

Each year, in a frenzy, parents search for the perfect pair of support for their daring kids who need Sneakers to hop, skip, and play in. Or maybe it's the middle of the school year and your child played, skipped, and ran his school sneakers into the ground. If it's time for a new pair of sneakers then choose one that won't get worn into the ground. Our Kids Sneakers are devised to withstand stomps, screams, or hurls. Choose a pair from this collection and send your kid back to school from summer vacation or a weekend at home.

Fun And Balanced

We make sure to balance cute and fun designs with a process that keeps everyone happy. The parents will be happy to hear that our sneakers for boys and girls offer maximum comfort and durability. Get to pick from blue, gray, white, or pink.

Small Decisions, Big Impact

The right sneaker is a small decision with a larger impact. Sneakers are the sole support system with every stride and adventure your kids embark on. Make sure that decision is wrapped in a conscious effort to find sneakers that are comfortable, fun, and supportive. Sneakers that handle impact and make an impact. That's what you'll find at Dream Pairs.

Popular Types of Kids Sneakers 

Kids sneakers are all about comfort, style and durability. Kids sneakers are not just for the gym; they're for everyday wear, too! The most popular types of sneakers for kids include:

Running sneakers

Running sneakers are made for the runner who wants to get out and go. They're lightweight, and provide cushioning and have a more aggressive tread pattern than other shoes. Running sneakers will typically have a Velcro strap around the ankle for easy on/off, but some also have laces for additional security.

There are a wide variety of styles and colors available, so there's bound to be a pair that fits your son or daughter's personality. Running shoes can be worn year-round, which makes them great options for kids who like to keep active outside in all sorts of weather conditions.

Some running sneakers have built-in lights that flash when activated by the child's footfalls. 

Fashion sneakers

Fashion sneakers for kids are available in various colours, styles and sizes. The children can choose the best one that suits their personality. They also have a wide range of designs that can suit any age group.

The fashion sneakers are made of high quality material and provide comfort to the feet. The materials used are soft and comfortable to wear. These sneakers have rubber soles which make them durable and easy to clean.

Hiking sneakers

Hiking sneakers are a great choice for kids because they're lightweight, comfortable and offer plenty of support.

They can be worn with jeans or shorts for a casual look, or paired with jeans, shorts or even sweatpants for an everyday look. Kids can even wear them to school or on weekends when they're going to be hanging out at home.

They look great with almost any outfit, so they're perfect for wearing while playing sports or just hanging out.

Kids also love them because they're so fashionable! They're easy to accessorize with hats and other accessories, which means you can dress them up or down as needed.

Kids sock sneakers

Kids’ sock sneakers are a great choice for your little one. They're comfortable and easy to wear, and many have a wide range of colors and styles to choose from.

Sock sneakers usually come in neutral colors like black, white or brown, but you can also find them in more vibrant hues like pink and green. Some styles have laces while others are slip-ons. Some sneakers come with extra padding in the sole, while others just have a rubberized bottom.

Kids sock sneakers are often made with durable materials such as canvas or nubuck leather (which is softer than full-grain leather), which means they'll last longer than most other types of sneakers. Many also have rubber soles that are resistant to stains and spills.

Kids high top sneakers

Kids high top sneakers are a great choice for kids who love to run, play and explore. These sneakers usually have a Velcro or lace closure and are made of leather or canvas. They're designed to fit snugly around the foot and can be worn with various types of socks.

The most popular style of kids high top sneakers is the slip-on sneaker, which has a single piece of material that slides over the foot. The adult version is called slip-on shoes. When you buy these shoes for your child, make sure they fit properly because they can't be adjusted after they've been put on once.

Another type of kids high top sneaker is the lace-up shoe, which has laces that wrap around the ankle and dangle down in front of the foot when not in use. The lace-up sneaker is more versatile than other styles because it can be worn with many different types of socks, including thick winter socks or thin summer ones.

Some kids high top sneakers have Velcro closures instead of laces or ties; others have laces in addition to Velcro closures; still others have both types of closures combined into one shoe design.

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