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Wedges: The Perfect Balance of Height and Comfort

Never lose your balance. You don't have to sacrifice comfort to look amazing. With our cute, stylish, and trend-setting strappy wedge sandals, you'll be able to live how you want. You'll never have to worry about accidentally tripping or breaking a heel. Ease your mind with a pair of our wedge sandals for women.

Choosing the Wedge For You

Whether it's platform wedge heels sandals or closed-toe flat wedge sandals, Dream Pairs has you covered. Look no further than our variety of nude wedges for an extra boost in life. They are easy to strap on with our lightweight ankle strap and come in all sorts of styles. For a more conservative look, you can choose our low heel strappy wedge sandals which come in a plethora of colors including black, white, and nude. Explore confidence.

Wedges For All Occasions

With Dream Pairs' versatile range, you'll always have a pair ready for wherever you go. Inspire looks of jealousy from your closest friends. Pick a pair of closed toe wedges for work or a night out with the gang. You'll want to grab a pair for every event in your life.  

 Popular Types of Wedge Sandals for Women

Wedge heel sandals are female footwear designed to replicate the utmost fashion standards in flats and heeled shoes. These shoes found their way to the fashion world in the early Greece days and have continued to maintain a spot in the fashion cycle several years after. The trio of fashion, comfort, and flexibility accustomed to the shoes make them one of the top options in female shoe rack collections for those who know their styling.

Platform Wedge Sandals

These wedge ankle strap sandals are one of the most popular varieties of wedge open toe sandals. The platform wedge heels are perfect for women who wish to show off their fashion in a simple way. Like most other wedge heels sandals, they include an ankle strap that varies in length and elongation. The straps can be worn around your ankles or extended and worn straight up your legs. Platform wedge heels have a relatively balanced construction, unlike most other shoe straps that get stuffy when fastened to the legs.

The Platform wedges sandals can be casual with different styling or perhaps shifted to a less-formal way if you deem it fit to change the outer look. The dual feature that encompasses these shoes makes them appropriate to wear to casual and formal events in a different season of the year. In winter, you can style a pair of platform closed toe wedges with your sundresses. While the season drifts towards summer, a skirt with these shoes won’t look bad.

Ankle Strap Wedges

Ankle Strap wedges are another type of women's wedge low heel sandals you can find in fashion stores and outlets. Just as the name suggests, these heels come with a fastener strap around the ankle to keep your legs from swerving around; they keep your feet firm in the shoe and maintain the shape. Combined with this is the sling back strap provided for extra security.

The ankle strap wedges are casual but are not limited if you are styling them. They go well with a range of female casual wear and are appropriate for different events. Aside from elongating your legs in short panties, they help to elevate your outfit. Also, their colors are present in ranges.

Espadrille Wedge Heel Sandals

One of the most common varieties of wedge sandals is the Espadrille nude wedges sandals. These shoes combine both comfort and style. With their leather-made straps, they are pretty similar to the strappy nude wedge shoes and are a bit high at a range of 2.5 inches. While these straps keep the leg shape in place, their rubber-made sole makes them long-lasting.

Espadrilles are available in different styles, making them suited for a wide range of occasions. Aside from the closed-toed wedge flat sandals that go nicely with dresses, they also come in flats, mules, and slip-on forms. When it is time to choose nude wedges to wear with female clothing, 1-inch espadrilles are ideal for less-formal and casual settings.

Flat Wedge Sandals

Flat wedge sandals are comfy to wear for different types of occasions and they are cute to pair with various attires.

Flat Wedge sandals have been popular in the female fashion market for a long time and have yet to go out of trend. They are appropriate to wear with your clothing in summer and winter. A pair of closed toe wedges are perfect to pair with skirts, chinos, dresses and more attires.

 How to Style Wedge Sandals for Women

Wedge heel sandals often seem like simple footwear to wear with female varieties, especially when you are familiar with styling other regular heeled footwear. However, beyond taking careful steps to avoid getting trapped in these shoes, here are other tips for how to wear wedge low heel sandals.

Wear Wedge Heel Sandals with Jeans

Wedge open toe sandals are most suited for casual purposes. As a result, it is generally better to pair them with feminine attire that compliments their status. Jeans, like wedges, are casual feminine pants that pair well with a variety of flat and heeled shoes. Wearing jeans with summer wedges is one of the most straightforward methods to achieve the trendy casual appearance you envision from wedges.

Jeans may be extremely picky, and they come in different lengths and widths. Yet, when combining them with espadrille summer wedges, you can choose whatever type you think is right for you. Whether the cropped or straight-leg jeans, either pair will look great with your wedge heel sandals. If you wish to elevate your outfit to a semi-casual way, a pair of blue jeans will go well at this range. You can complement it with black braided wedge espadrille sandals because of their versatility. While you may aim to maintain the simple casual status quo, a straight pair of jeans will complement this style with a final touch.

Wedge Sandals with Dresses

Dresses are not just for stilettos; they can also go well with wedge sandals. If you are the type that loves trying something different, then a dress in wedges is not a skip-over. It is a style that suits perfectly for diverse occasions as long as you are prepared to rock them in different ways. More so, this style often comes to the forefront during springs, especially with sundresses.

Your dresses can either be mini or maxi. The types often vary for females. Most times, the mini dress dominates the styling in pairing dresses with heel shoes. However, you can choose to go with mini and midi when opting for closed toe casual wedge sandals.

Black dresses with tiny white lines will go well with black wedges during summer. If you are the type that loves monochromatic looks, a simple white dress will fit in with white wedge platform sandals. While you intend to flaunt your styles to a weekend party or a get-together at the beach, this outfit is appropriate, and you can also opt to choose for varying colors of style. One of such styles is wearing a long maxi dress with neutral-colored casual wedges.

Wedge Closed Toe Sandals with Skirts

Skirts with closed toe wedges are not out of the ordinary. If you believe otherwise, you should abandon the idea. Wearing Skirts with slip on wedge sandals is a great way to show off your wedge low heel sandals. If you want to get your wedges off the racks and onto the streets, now is the time to pull out your skirts and flaunt the casual style.

A miniskirt with low wedge cute ankle strap sandals is uncomplicated and will not appear crisp. It will expose your legs and lengthen them if they are short. You can, however, go for a midi skirt paired with a neutral handbag. The style will also work well. Wear sleeveless shirts with your skirts and dressy wedge espadrille sandals to complement the outfit with a final touch.

Wedge Black Sandals with Pants or Cargos

Jeans, pants, and cargos are all ideal with wide-fit black cute wedge sandals. Aside from the stylish tone they provide, they will elevate your look and keep you in the style range you desire. Even if the weather turns cold during the winter, you can wear your wedge shoes with jeans and cargo. Both open-toe and closed-toe wedges are appropriate if you want to select the exact wedges for your cargo. Perhaps you are picky when selecting colors. Different cargo colors will go well with your wedges.

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