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Join The Party

Join the party and choose from a wide selection of Dream Pairs Women Pump Shoes. Our Pumps come in an assortment of heights and styles. Choose from our wedge pumps to stay comfortable all day or get a little risque with a pair of our High Heel Pumps. Take our low heel collection out for a twirl on the dance floor. Any of our closed-toe shoes will make for a perfect date.

Find Your Style

We make it easy to find the shoe that's perfect for you. Pumps are offered in various heel heights and styles. Strappy, or pull-on? Buckles or straps? Go dancing in our High Heel Platform Dress Pumps or take a walk in the park with our chunky Low Block Heel Pumps. Colors range from bright pink to dark red and all-black. Set the tone, find your style.

Stay Grounded

Catch anything that life throws at you in the perfect pair of shoes. Get through the rough and beautiful parts of life without breaking a sweat. Stability and comfort is the best course of action when dealing with ups and downs of life. Stay grounded with a pair of women's Pumps from Dream Pairs. 

How To Wear Pumps For Women

Pumps are typical shoes that come with varying heels styles. These shoe designs are a perfect fit to wear with outfits to ranges of semi-casual and formal events. However, you could find it hard to figure out how to wear and level them with premium fashion standards. If you are not familiar with the styling, these tips will help you fit into the practicality and styling of pump heels.

1. Wear Pumps with Dresses

The easiest way to style pumps without checking through fashion blogs or magazines all day is to pair them with dresses. Your choice of dresses could vary between maxis or minis, depending on how each is best fitted on you when worn. However, selecting either of the two is stylish, and you can swerve the duo styles without getting them out of place.

Monochrome outfits are super stylish for platform pumps: styling in a single color of tones paired with pumps. If you have a black dress with a fitted hemline, wear it with a black pump to formal events. The dark shade ensemble will carve out nothing less than a dapper outer look. They are styles appropriate for both office and night out parties.

2. Wear Pumps with Jeans

Pumps are versatile, and their styling edges beyond wearing them with ordinary dresses or monochrome outfits only. You can always shuffle them with different pieces of womenswear, including jeans. Jeans are suitable for pumps and regarded as in-between unisex wear for casual and less formal events.

Skinny jeans are stylish to wear with block heel pumps. Yet, you can opt for ripped or wide-leg jeans if you are not acquainted with stuffy and straight-leg pants. Show off your skin by getting your jeans cuffed and rolling the hems up a little to make your legs longer. While it is often not common to tuck in shirts with jeans, you can do otherwise, and it will brew out an all shade of fashion.

3. Wear with Skirts

Nude pumps are best suitable to style with skirts, and you can always leverage the duo as your go-to style when it is time to choose an outfit for events. Different color ranges of nude pumps are fitting to wear with both midi and maxi skirts. Often, dark shade pumps are the best pair with miniskirts for night parties. Yet, browns won’t look bad as well.

If you’ve got a nice top coupled with a handbag, both materials are a perfect complement for your skirts and pumps. While shorter hemlines like miniskirts will make your legs look longer, midi skirts with white pumps will carve you a professional look. Denim skirts can work as well, and you can also add upper denim (jacket) to complete the ensemble.

4. Wear with Pantsuits or Leggings

There are neither strict rules nor limitations for wearing pumps. With your pumps, you can push your dressing to a more formal tone by wearing them with pantsuits or maintaining the casual status quo with leggings. Both styles are appropriate, and they will not look drab.

When it is time for a professional event at the office, wear your pantsuits with black pumps to create the edgy look you envisage. If you’ve got a not-so-big stylish handbag, complement your outfit with it, and it won’t look vague. While the weather may get colder towards winter, trade your pantsuits with leggings and wear them with a black coat. It might sound too casual, yet it can go practically well with your pumps.

How To Feel Comfortable In Pumps

Pumps shoes are presumed to be comfortable footwear, but you may sometimes feel uneasy in them when worn. It is not always a smooth ride, especially when you wear them all day. However, the reasons for the discomfort often vary. But that will not always have to be for you when you apply these steps.

1. Choose your exact Size.

The prominent reason you may feel uncomfortable in pumps heels is that you did not get them right from the onset. Heels and shoe sizes are different terms in their entirety. Although the heel size ranges vary, you should be more concerned about the shoe (widths) size before selection.

While selecting your pump, make sure the interior is roomy: It must be spacious enough for your legs. However, it shouldn’t become too loose to prevent getting your feet swerved around. Also, ensure the toe box is accommodating if it is not open-toed. Adhering to this precaution will prevent blisters, sweat, and unpleasant smells.

2. Use Shoe Inserts

When your body pressure becomes rested on the front part of pumps, it becomes uncomfortable to use for a long time. This body rest is often a result of the inclined slope towards the front end. However, you can use inserts to fill up spaces and slope errors in the pumps.

Inserts are shoe materials that help adjust feet sizes and balance body weights. They come in foams or gel, and you can apply both to your pumps if you feel uncomfortable. If the foam is not sizable for your leg, you can always cut to adjust them.

3. Use Moleskin or Anti-blisters

Moleskin is suitable shoe cotton that you can use to make your feet comfortable while wearing pumps. Blisters may arise when you use your pumps for a duration of time. These blisters could result from foot sweats, leg frictions, or when your foot is not balanced.

Anti-blisters like moleskin are soft and help you feel more comfortable in pumps. They help prevent frictions and reduce the rate at which your legs slip in pumps. The materials are easy to use, such that you will apply them to different angles in your pumps. With this, you can walk comfortably in your pumps all day.

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