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Peace Of Mind

Find the ever elusive and flighty adventure of peace of mind every time you slip on a pair of Dream Pairs Slippers for women. Ease into house shoes for women and discover relaxation from the head to the bottom of your sole. Indoor house slippers that carry away the weight of the world with furry lining, extra padding, memory foam insole, and an easy slip-on design.

Slippers That Last

Minimize wear and tear by choosing slipper Ladies Slippers that last. Our Flip-flop Slippers are as durable as they are soft. It’s easy to soften the blow of day to day household chores with our indoor slippers. Anti-matting designs and fur slippers that keep the fluff and comfort like it’s the first time. Experience Slippers that always feel like it’s the first time.

Try The Breeze

Taking a moment here to highlight a consumer favorite, The Breeze Flip Flop slippers are ideal for indoor and outdoor wear. Our Breeze-1 and Breeze-2 Flip Flops encourage a smoother way to walk. Intricately designed with a heel cup for extra support and a pure durable MD outsole. If you are looking for a spicy new way to step up your house slippers game. This is it. 

Collection FAQs

Should Slippers Be Tight Or Loose?

Basically, the size of your slippers should be the same as your shoes. Since the goal is to keep your feet warm, comfortable, and free from the discomforts of some high-heeled shoes, it makes more sense to make your slippers fit snugly; not tight or loose.

Meanwhile, since different manufacturers’ sizing might sometimes differ, you can get slippers half a size higher than your regular shoes. All in all, make sure to get your sizing correctly and ensure your slippers fit snugly, not too tight or loose.

Can I Wash Slippers In Washing Machine?

One question people ask is ‘can I wash slippers in the washing machine?’ The answer is yes, but the type of slippers you own and their material are what matters.

If they’re made from soft materials like cotton or foam, you can throw them into the washing machine without any problem. Typically, most house slippers – like the ones we sell at Dream Pairs – are made from cotton, making them machine-washable and remain fluffy after repeated washes. Meanwhile, a piece of suggestion is that you put the slippers in a mesh garment bag before throwing them into the washer and practice using cold water and a gentle cycle.

That said, all slippers are not made from cotton, and you wouldn’t want to wash your leather or suede slippers with the washer. It’s not advisable. After all, it’s always nicer to follow the manufacturer’s advice on cleaning your slippers.

How To Choose Comfortable Slippers?

One reason you take off your high heels and shoes when you get home is to feel comfortable and give your feet peaceful rest, so it’s essential to choose the most comfortable pair of slippers as well.

Straight up, choosing comfortable house slippers for women starts with selecting the suitable material, and one of the best you can get is EVA and memory foam slippers. These materials are not only comfortable, but they’re also soft, lightweight, durable, and will hold their shape for an extended period.

Also, going for slippers with arch support is inevitable, and you shouldn’t overlook it. It’ll ensure your weight is evenly distributed, and you’ll be able to stay on your feet for longer hours without feeling pain. All in all, the size and fit matter, as said earlier. When choosing bedroom slippers for women (or any use), ensure they fit precisely as your shoes and are even more comfortable. The slippers should fit snugly, and there should be enough room to accommodate your toe (if they’re not flip flops)

Benefits Of Wearing House Slippers At Home?

The benefits of not walking barefoot at home are countless! We all focus on the amount of comfort and peace of mind they offer, but wearing slippers at home is more beneficial than that. They can improve your productivity, keep you safe by minimizing home accidents, keep your home clean, and a lot more.

Improves productivity

You get more productive when you’re relaxed, free from distractions and pains. Yes, several studies claimed that. A better way to get comfortable when you’ve addressed other things is a high-quality pair of warm, comfy slippers. Women’s slippers with fur keep your feet warm and reduce foot pain, keeping you in the flow of productivity. Even if you stand a lot at home, a pair of comfy slippers can be an excellent replica for boots.

Reduces home accident

Especially if the floors in your home are very slippery, the most admirable remedy would be wearing slippers. Many house slippers come with non-slip rubber soles that provide extraordinary grip and stability, keeping you safe while walking on slippery surfaces around your home. From going to the bathroom to doing chores, answering the door, checking the mailbox, or just doing anything in your house, house slippers ensure you’re safe from falling all day long.

Reduces the risk of catching cold and foot diseases

Exposing your feet to cold for an extended period can induce several health issues. Several studies have shown that walking barefoot and getting your feet ‘extremely cold’ can stimulate your risk of catching a cold, the flu, and other bacterial infections. Your feet with shallow temperature can reduce the rate of blood flow in your body, as well as how immune your body is to several infections and diseases during the cold season. So, to stay protected and keep your feet toasty, wear your winter slippers at home.

It gives rest to your socks

I know many people who wear socks around their homes to keep their feet warm. But because your socks don’t come with any extra cushioning from materials like EVA or memory foam, you’re likely risking foot pains. Plus, your socks are probably going to wear out quicker than typical house slippers, so it’s not that beneficial and economical to keep walking around your home with just socks since you’ll replace them anyway.

Keeps your home clean

Conclusively, you’re saving yourself from a lot of cleaning and mopping by wearing a pair of house slippers. The shoes you wear outside always accumulate dirt (as you know) and will always keep your home dirty and dusty if you wear them inside. The best thing is to keep slippers at your door, so you can easily change to them when you return home. Trust me, your feet will appreciate you, and you’ll thank yourself for the stress and time you’ll save from cleaning your house.

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