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FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Are you looking for information? Our Frequently Asked Questions section might have just what you need.

Visit the Terms and Conditions page to view full program rules.

  • What is Dream Pairs Rewards?

    Dream Pairs Rewards is a loyalty program that allows members to earn points and redeem them for rewards.
  • How does the Dream Pairs Rewards program work?

    Create an account to start receiving reward points and offers from us. The more you spend, the more rewards and offers you will receive!

  • What are the benefits of joining?

    Members will receive a 15% discount on their first purchase, reward points, cash rewards, gifts, a birthday reward, a chance of a lucky draw, exclusive member prices, and early access to offers.
  • How do I become a Dream Pairs Rewards member?

    If you have a Dream Pairs account, you're already a member! Log in here.

    Get started by creating an account here Just provide your email, set a password, and choose your style preferences.

  • Who can join?

    To become a member, you need to be a US resident and at least 18 years old when you sign up!

  • Does it cost to join?

    No! Joining is free and you can get rewards as soon as you sign up.

  • What's the membership of our brands and stores?

    In order to enrich your membership benefits, when you register as a Dream Pairs member, you will also become a member of Dream Pairs, Bruno Marc, Nortiv8, and Dream Pairs stores at the same time, and you can enjoy even more membership benefits.

    • For new members, when you sign up for the Dream Pairs Rewards Program, you will be registered in the Rewards Program for all brands and stores of DP Dream Pairs Inc.

    • For existing account members, you can give authorization to participate in Bruno Marc, Nortiv8, and Dream Pairs stores Rewards Program.

  • Ready to use your 15% off new member coupon?

    If you signed up on our website, you can find the 15% off new member coupon in your welcome email. Or, just log in and head to Coupons in your user center!

    For the store's 15% off coupon code, when you complete registration, you can take a screenshot and save it for your first purchase. Or check the welcome email for your exclusive coupon. Show the coupon barcode when checking out in-store.

  • Where can I get full details on the Dream Pairs Rewards program?

    Visit the Dream Pairs Rewards benefit page to learn more about our program and click here for the REWARDS PROGRAM TERMS & CONDITIONS.

  • How do I contact Dream Pairs if I still have problems with the Rewards program?

    If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us directly at [email protected].

  • How do I earn points?

    You can earn points in two ways:

    • By making a purchase at Dream Pairs, Bruno Marc, and Nortiv8 official websites, and Dream Pairs stores. We issue 1 point per $1 spent.

    • We also offer other ways to earn points, including signing up, completing your profile, and posting reviews on Dream Pairs, Bruno Marc & Nortiv8 official websites. You can find this information in your account.

    * Points for Dream Pairs merchandise purchased at none of Dream Pairs, Bruno Marc, Nortiv8 official websites, and Dream Pairs stores, zero-dollar orders, discounts, tax, and shipping fees will not be awarded. Points can only be earned from the payment of products from Dream Pairs, Bruno Marc & Nortiv8 official websites, and Dream Pairs stores.

  • Can I earn points for purchases I made before becoming a member?

    Dream Pairs Rewards points only start accruing once you join the program.

  • How can I redeem my points?

    As a member, you have the opportunity to redeem your points for a cash reward of $10 that can be used towards purchases made on the official websites of Dream Pairs, Bruno Marc & Nortiv8, as well as in Dream Pairs stores.

    You can redeem your points in increments of 100, starting at 100 points. You can combine the cash rewards with other discounts to enhance your savings. Additionally, you can use your points to redeem gifts or participate in lucky draws on the official websites of Dream Pairs, Bruno Marc & Nortiv8, and in Dream Pairs stores.

    *Please note that points earned from purchases made on Dream Pairs, Bruno Marc & Nortiv8 official websites, and Dream Pairs stores will be collected and can be redeemed.

  • How can I get free gifts?

    You can redeem free gifts at 100, 200, 300, or 500 points, and enjoy free shipping. In each membership challenge campaign, one member can redeem up to 3 gifts. Please note that for redeemed gifts, we do not accept return requests. However, they are covered by a 90-day warranty against any manufacturing or material defects.

  • Can I apply rewards for shipping and taxes?

    No, reward points can only be redeemed for the actual payment amount for the goods in the order and can't be applied to shipping fees or taxes.

  • I have points to redeem. Why can't I redeem it at checkout?

    Please make sure that you are signed into your account prior to checkout and that the account has at least 100 points. If you are still receiving the error when signing in, make sure to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

  • Can I transfer my points to another account?

    We are unable to transfer points to other accounts, including multiple personal accounts.

  • Do the points have cash value?

    Points do not have cash value and can be redeemed as cash rewards, or gifts, but cannot be redeemed for another form of credit (refunds, gift cards, etc.). Points expire at the end of the calendar year and we are unable to reissue points after expiration.

  • Will my points expire?

    Your points will expire at the end of every calendar year. For example, if you earn 100 points in total, your 100 points will expire on December 31st, 2023.
  • How many points do I earn when I shop?

    We issue 1 point per $1 spent. Every 100 points is equivalent to $10. You can start redeeming points at 100 points. Points can only be earned for actual payment for products.

  • How do I know if my points have been added to my account?

    Your points will be added to your account once your order has been paid. You can track your points balance in Reward Points Balance in your account.

  • If I return my items, do I lose my points?

    If you purchase without redeemed points and return your order, the points will be deducted for every dollar refunded. If you purchase using redeemed points and return your order, the redeemed points will be returned to your account. Kindly note, that you may go into the negative if you return an order in which points were issued and applied to a new order.

  • If I fill in my birthday, when will I get the 20% off birthday coupon and when will it expire?

    The qualified members will receive a 20% off birthday coupon valid for 60 days; the coupon issued to the member's account before 45 days of birthday and will be valid after 15 days of birthday. (e.g., if your birthday is on April 30, 2024, the coupon is issued on March 15, 2024, and valid until May 15, 2024)

  • If I get a birthday coupon, can I use it on the official website and stores?

    For the members registered on the Website, the coupon is valid for purchases on our official website only; for the members registered in stores, the coupon is valid for purchases on our stores only.

  • If I register and provide my birthday information during my birthday month, can I still receive birthday rewards?

    Yes, you can. For new members who register in the same month as your birthday, we will issue the birthday coupon to your account within 24 hours. Please note that all coupons will still expire at the end of the month.

  • Can I change my birthday on my profile?

    The date can be modified only once.

  • What is an eGift card?

    This is the perfect gift for any time of year. Choose the amount you want to purchase or give (between $10 and $150) and your favorite card design. We'll send it to the recipient via email. It's that simple!

  • What payment methods do you accept for purchasing a Dream Pairs eGift?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and PayPal for members only.

  • Is there any additional charge for purchasing an eGift card?

    No, purchasing a Dream Pairs eGift card incurs no additional fees.

  • How many eGift cards can I purchase online?

    On our Dream Pairs official website, you can only purchase or gift one eGift card at a time and only one eGift card can be used per purchase. Each eGift card has a total value between $10 and $150 (with a maximum of $150).

  • Will my eGift card expire or lose value?

    No, Dream Pairs eGift cards do not expire or incur additional fees. The value of the gift card only decreases when purchases are made.

  • Do I have to spend the exact amount on my eGift card?

    No, if your purchase amount is less than the eGift card value, you can use the remaining balance for your next purchase. If the amount exceeds the card balance, you'll need to provide another payment method, such as a credit card or debit card.

  • Can I get a refund or cash exchange for the Dream Pairs eGift card I purchased?

    Sorry, except where required by law, Dream Pairs eGift cards cannot be canceled, refunded, or exchanged for cash.

  • Can I recharge my eGift card?

    Sorry, currently Dream Pairs eGift cards cannot be recharged.

  • Where can I buy and use Dream Pairs eGift cards?

    Currently, you can only purchase and use eGift cards on our DP official website Please be aware that eGift cards cannot be used on Bruno Marc or NORTIV 8 official websites or in stores at this time.

  • How do I check my gift card balance?

    You can log in to the official website and check your gift cards and balance in your account.

  • What should I do if my eGift card is stolen or doesn't work?

    Please contact our customer service department for assistance at [email protected] and provide your gift card purchase details or receipt.

  • How do I use an eGift card to pay at checkout?

    When you are checking out on the Dream Pairs website, you can select the eGift card payment option on the checkout page (as long as there is sufficient balance on the card). It works just like using a credit or debit card for payment.

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