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Put these Dream Pairs heels in a position of honor and get the respect you deserve. Demand admiration for your daring fashion pursuits. Real woman heels are comfortable heels. Choose a pair of Dream Pairs heels in multiple colors including gold heels, silver heels,black heels or white heels that match your standards of style.


Fashion and luxury combine in Dream Pairs Heels for Women Collection. Trending, shimmering, colorful High Heels of every kind. Designs that vary according to style or event. You will find a high-quality version of anything you are looking for here. Wedge Heels, Pump Heels, Platform Heels, Wedge Heels, heels pumps, Gold Heels, and Black Heels.

 Popular Types Of Women’s Heels

Women's heels have been around for a while and are no longer just a temporary part of female daily ensembles. A blunt fact that stares bare at us is that these shoes have become a part of us and are here to stay, especially when considering their frequent use amongst the fashionista. The Dream Pairs heels come with different designs including peep toe, open toe,pointed toe, stilettos, wedges and more.

Dream Pairs Heels come in different varieties, exist in different shapes, and are often made sequentially for different leg sizes. Think about the endless list that might have emerged from the various terms emphasized here. From the low-heeled to high heel shoes, leather-made to suede-made, and pointed-heels to thick chunky heels, heels are vast in lists. But to digress a bit, here are the everyday feminine heels for women made just for you.

Women who were intentional about wearing high chunky heels once concluded that styling heels are within the casual-clothing range and seldom used for formal apparel. Now, the narrative has shifted. Heels for women have continued to develop with unique designs and are now suitable for formal and casual settings.

Kitten Heels

Kitten Heel is one of the typical heels that abounds, and you can easily find them around today. You can walk into a shoe outlet or find your way to an online shoe store, and you will get these low-heels in no distant time. Believed to be designed for young girls who had little idea of how to wear heels in the early 1950s, the name kitten heels surfaced and subsequently became a popular heel adopted by both women and young female adults.

These heels for women comprise not-too-pointed soles, cited as the plausible reason for the quick acceptability and ensuing popularity among female folks. Unlike the pointed heels, kitten heels provide comfort that can outlast you through the day, perhaps take your yearly cycles without getting your feet hurt, even if you are still learning how to wear heels. The heel length is between one to two inches to support your leg while also increasing height

You can find the heel in suedes, fabrics, and leathers, providing different options to select irrespective of your preference. To a greater extent, women are used to opting for heels in a formal setting or when their dressings demand a balance to emanate elegance. Kitten heels are a perfect match. Their black heels go well with varying outfits, including dresses, but jeans(casual) are not an exception if you choose to look the other way.

Platform Heels

Trail the name just as it sounds; a platform for standing on the rostrum or mounting the podium. Besides the formal tone and coherence these heels espouse, they are unarguably one of the most popular heels in the female fashion industry in recent times. Platform Heels have subsequently developed from what they used to be as far back as the early sixties and have now become an essential staple found in almost every female shoe rack.

Platform Heels are typical chunky heels best known for the comfort they provide for owners regardless of their feet size or body height. A distinct feature among these heels is the additional material often present at the sole of most of the heels, which could be rubber, cork, or plastics. Also, the difference in the width from the feet part down towards the heel and sole shows no similarity.

You can find some of these heels with straps to keep the heels firm with the feet or possess none in rare cases. However, they are still better adapted to take your outfits through the day regardless of this feature. The heels go best with dresses and female trousers. Preferably, you can go with the black strappy heels as business casual but avoid getting them to the office to avoid getting your feet worn out while running errands.


Stilettos are popular, and there are mostly no second thoughts about that. They are almost everywhere, and it is what you can easily find these days at an online shoe store or even a walk-in shoe store. Often, they prove hard to walk in for beginners, a common reason the heels got labeled as the exact shoe for experts. You can, however, find your way around them in no distant time.

This point-heeled general acceptability comes from the beauty and elegance it exudes when worn by women who intend to look bossy. Platform heels are also available in varieties, including the pumps used for corporate meetings with a maximum length of 1 inch. Besides the pumps, you can find the stiletto heel length far more extended beyond an inch.

Regardless, the heels may or may not be uniform from the upper to the lower part. Stilettos often tend to get thinner as it reaches the base level. However, they have a support base at the front to let your leg get well-placed. For styling, their red heels are best suitable to wear for fancy events.

Block Heels

There is always an unverified notion amongst heels that you can always find the prominent heel soles in pointed shapes. However, you may become curious to know that block heel sandals are no exception when selecting the popular block heel sandals in the female fashion industry these days. As I already mentioned, block heels are not the regular thin-legged heels but chunky heels that readily distribute body weight on not just a single point of the shoes present. While they have come here to stay, it is worthy of note that they have a history that dates back to the early 18s.

Sometimes, you may experience discomfort with your entire weight being fixed on a spot at the rear of your leg or feel worn out on your knee balls when wearing heels, but this is rarely the case here. It differs because it extends beyond a single point. Designers ideally suited these comfortable heels for chubby women who would like to redistribute their weight on footwear. However, they are not an exception if you are not plump.

Block heels have slingbacks or ankle straps that help maintain the foot in place with your leg. The inches, however, vary. You find these heels a low heel or at a maximum length of mid-heel. In either case, they go well with different clothing. You can wear them in a mid-length dress or pants. They are also appropriate for sophisticated occasions.

Wedge Heels

Wedge heels are noticeably one of the popular heels suited for women to include in their shoe collection. Probably, you might admit they are dimorphic. In terms of comfort and distributing body weight, they are relatively similar to platform heels and have a close commonality with chunky block heels. However, what distinguishes them from the duo is that they often exhibit the same materials used to make the other parts of the shoes.

In contrast to most other heels separated from the anterior sections at the back, the wedge heels extend and continue from the front part of the shoes. While the heels vary in composition, they are often present in heeled espadrilles. Their existence in elegant sandals is simple to spot. We have, however, classified wedge heels as casual heels and noticed to go best with casual-wear settings equally. Although there are reservations about selecting these heels with casual to formal clothes, you can opt for the latter to try something different. Yet, the best style with their gold heels pumps is wearing dresses or having a top worn with skirts.

 How To Make Heel Comfortable

Heels are supposed to make you feel comfortable while exhibiting the radiance and confidence it exudes. As much as you can love to radiate your beauty in heels, it is also essential that you do not sacrifice your comfort. The comfort attached to specific heels often varies, and you should always go for the best. What is worth using is worth wearing well. Isn't it?

When walking in heels becomes difficult, it rapidly leads to pain or even long-term bruises. We know choices can vary, and you are independent to settle for the heels you consider best. You can, however, make your heels comfortable in a few steps by:

  • Have a close look at the lengths and walk in them before purchasing heels at the walk-in shoe shop or an online shoe store.
  • Take your time to wear the heels around your room before making them a choice of events if you are new to heels. Constant practice makes you notice adjustments and become a perfect stylist in no distant time.
  • Use padded inserts or moleskin for affected parts of the feet.
  • Finally, consult the services of a professional shoe repairer to reduce the inch of your heels if it is too high.

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