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Pairing perfect shoes to your outfit can be a very confusing and daunting task because there are tons of footwear options that can go with multiple outfits in different combinations. So how do you know what shoes to wear with a beige dress? We will break this down in a manageable way so you can easily understand which shoes, high heels or wedges can go with your dress.  Let’s get into it.

Beige color dresses looks very elegant and classy and you can add up to your personality if you choose the right shoes. They are quite on trend but they can also make you washed out if you choose the wrong shoes. Before discussing what shoes to wear with beige dress, it is important to know which dress style you are wearing. Along with dress style, also keep in mind the occasion on which you are going to appear whether it is formal or informal. For example if you are going for a dinner you can go for a simple beige or black heels, but if you are going for a wedding event you should go for metallic shoes. When wearing shorts, jeans and sweaters you should select pumps or sneakers rather than heels or wedges. We will discuss our top picks on what shoes to wear with beige dress in detail.

Our Top Picks

Platform Heels with beige dress

Everybody should have a pair of platform shoes which look phenomenal with beige dress. It is lovely combo for any kind of dress and occasion whether it is formal or casual.  

Platform heel shoes are very versatile especially in summer and spring if you have a lot of light color outfits especially beige.  This color has very natural vibe and can make your outfit look more beautiful. 

Heel Sandals with beige dress

Having beige shoes is an essential in your closet for putting together outfits with minimal effort. Nude or tan sandals or ankle straps looks great with beige dress. These two neutral combinations complement each other very nicely. Investing in nude shoes is really a good idea for your personality. 

They make you look elongated and beautiful. But make sure nude tone should be near your skin tone. They can update any casual or fancy update in an instance.

Flat Sandals with beige dresses

Another answer to the question what shoes to wear with beige dress is patterned shoes. These flat sandals are really great because of different design options like strappy, criss-cross and more which makes them stylish. 

The beige hued or multi colored prints look great when paired with beige dress and matching accessories.

Knee-high boots with beige dress

If you want a little more coverage especially during winter months you can go for knee high boots. When wearing knee-high boots with beige dress, match the tone little bit with your dress and make sure not to wear anything higher than a knee-high boot if you are wearing knee-length or shorter dress. 

This will give more coverage without leaving too much leg exposed. You can select brown or caramel colored or neutral toned knee-high boots with beige dress.

Flat Shoes with beige dress

Eye catching flat shoes look perfect with beige dresses. Choose nude or white colors to look stunning when paired with beige dress. 

Suede material floral print shoes are an absolute solution to the anxiety of what shoes to wear with beige dress.

Espadrille Sandals with beige dress

Espadrille sanda and beige dress will make you feel like boss. This combination is best for weddings and formal meetings because of its versatility. 

A black shoe is a staple in your wardrobe. Strappy sandal, ankle boots, bel boots, lace cross pumps all are best options to pair with beige dress. Go for this combination without having a second thought.

Strappy shoes with beige dress

The best thing about strappy shoes shoes is that they can go great with casual and formal looks.  

You can try comfortable strappy sandals  or you can pair them with a beige dress. Both black and white go well with beige dress.

Rhinestone Heels with beige dress

Rhinestone heel shoes are recommended color to wear on weddings, dates and other events. You can wear lace heels, straps, or pumps with your favorite dress.  

Although it is bold color and will immediately pop with your beige dress but trust us! You will not regret. Just get your dress ready and grab your red pair of shoes and you are all ready to go.

Wedge Sandals with beige dress

You can look stunning in wedge sandals. White or nude wedge sandals can go well with a beige dress.

Many shoes will work in these colors. You can go for ankle strap sandals, criss-cross sandals or strappy sandals.  You will update your look with this combination.


Above mentioned are our top recommendations for you. But that does not mean you have to stick with our picks. You can try whatever color you feel classy in. Just grab your favorite color shoes and pair it with your beige dress and enjoy the moment.  We hope we deliver the best on what shoes to wear with beige dress.

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