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How to Style A Dress Shirt For Women

A dress shirt can be a wardrobe staple, but styling it in an effective way is not always easy. When wearing a dress shirt, you want to make sure that it fits you well and looks polished. Dress shirts can be intimidating. With all the options out there, how do you know what to buy? Which style is right for your body type? How do you style it so that it looks good on you? The key to mastering dress shirts is knowing the shape of your body and choosing the right one accordingly. This fashion guide will walk you through the basics of dress shirt styles and will teach you how to style a dress shirt for women. This can be done by anyone, regardless of age or gender.

How to style your dress shirt

Dress shirts are an essential part of any women's wardrobe. They're perfect for work, special occasions and casual outings, but it can be difficult to find the right one that fits perfectly. If you're tired of shopping in vain for a shirt with the right fit and style, here are some tips on how to style dress shirts for women.

Formal Dress Shirts

1. What do you wear to work? If you work in an office, odds are you wear a suit. This means that as part of your business attire, you need to have at least one nice dress shirt. It's important to choose the right shirt for your body type and lifestyle. Try the following combinations with your dress shirt.

2. Classic plain white dress shirt and cigarette pants or ankle-length pants with a blazer and pointed-toe shoes

3. White shirt with dark-colored front knot pants

4. Navy two-piece blazer suit with a white collared dress shirt and formal shoes

5. Sky blue slim fit dress shirt with pencil skirt and heels

6. Stripped light-toned dress shirt with waistcoat, slim pants and pumps.

7. Dotted dress shirt with double-breasted blazer, ankle pants and strappy sandals.

8. Classic fit patterned dress shirt with black or blue wide-leg pants and lace heels.

Oversized Dress Shirt

You can get an epic look with an oversized dress shirt and the cool thing about is that you do not need to buy a new dress shirt. Just borrow a dress shirt from your father or boyfriend and you are ready to style it.  When styling an oversized shirt, make sure that the fabric is not too structured or stiff; it should be soft enough to give you a decent classy look.

1. You can pair your oversized shirt with regular blue jeans. Loosely tuck your shirt inside jeans to get a bulky look. Wear sneakers, ankle boots or heels with them.

2. Throw on a dress shirt with tight-fitted shorts or skinny pants and ankle straps.

3. Wear an oversized men’s shirt over your swimsuit, shorts with a mini top or a dress. Wear shoes accordingly.

4. Grab a white tank top and black leggings and pair with a layering patterned dress shirt and sneakers

5. You can tie front knot your oversized shirt and team it with shorts, ripped blue jeans, a skirt or anything you want. You can change your shirt style. Wear it in off-shoulder, French tuck, or wrap style instead of simple classic style. Wear knee-length boots, ankle-length boots or sneakers with this style. You can also wear heels, sandals or pumps for a more feminine look.

6. You can also create a sassy look by only wearing a long oversized dress shirt and using simple leather or fancy belt over it.

7. Leave the top 3 to 4 buttons of your light-colored dress shirt open to show some skin with black culottes, flared pants or dress pants. Wear a layered necklace or choker on the neck.

Slim-Fit Dress Shirts

Every girl wants to look attractive and smart however, dressing up in a slim fit shirt for women can be a real problem for those who have small busts since it tends to make them look smaller. Here are some gorgeous ways to guide you on how to style dress shirts with the help of which you will definitely grab everyone's attention.

1. Wear crisp, well-fitted, pointed collar, button cuffed and long sleeves black dress shirt with skinny jeans and belt. Pair with pumps.

2. Style fitted pink dress shirt that has angled cuffs, button-down collar with blue straight jeans, ankle pants or cropped pants.

3. Wear dark-colored slim-fit dress shirt with short or long sleeves depending on your mood with a black or pink skirt, brown pants, and boots.

4. You can also style checkered or patterned dress shirts with different colored jeans for sleek elegant look.  

5. The white dress shirt is a classic wardrobe staple that can be dressed up with a blazer and slacks or dressed down with jeans and a leather jacket.

How a Dress shirt for women should fit?

A dress shirt is one of the most important clothing items you can wear. It makes up the foundation of your personal style and image, so it’s important to choose an appropriate fit. The key is to find a balance between fitting into your clothes and allowing room for movement – not too tight, not too loose.

1. There should be at least two finger spaces between your neck and shirt when the collar is closed.

2. It is important that the sleeves are long enough that they cover your wrists.

3. It should be well tailored shirt having a waist fit.

4. Length should be long enough to stay tucked in pants.

5. Fabric quality should be durable and lightweight.


The above mentioned are our suggestions on how to style a dress shirt. There are thousands of other styles that vary from person to person or country. Everyone is creating their own comfortable style and so you canStay with us to know.  more about styles and fashion.


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