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How to make heel sandals comfortable

High heels pose a good look for women, and it has become almost every woman's best friend. These quick-to-do steps may help you feel and stay comfortable in heeled sandals.

Use Inserts

One of the reasons you feel uncomfortable in heel sandals is the body pressure on your feet. When you have a heeled sandal with an inclined slope at the front end, the pressure becomes shifted on the balls. To rectify this, you can use the foot insert that helps your feet fill up errors on the slope or any extra space on the sides.

The shoe inserts vary in kinds, type, and length. You can either opt for foam or gel shoe inserts if you want to buy one. The inserts will help you redistribute your body weight and pressure.

Use Moleskin or Anti-Blisters

You cannot manage blisters for a long time when there are suitable alternatives to resolve them. You may have blisters when your foot is unbalanced, get too tight from size changes. In such cases, you can use the soft moleskin to erase them, thus making your feet more comfortable.

When applied to your feet, moleskin or anti-blisters are simple to use and soft. Moleskin is a thin cotton fabric that you can shape to fit different angles in your sandals. Apply moleskin or anti-blisters to any areas where there are frictions. This heavy cotton has an adhesive that will keep your foot from slipping and allows it to sit comfortably.

Reduce / Re-examine your Shoe Size

We all grow at certain stages in our lifetimes. Of course, change is constant. So, a change in your body weight or feet size is also one of the reasons why you may feel uncomfortable in your sandals. While you might have gained weight or reduced body size, cobblers can help you re-examine and resize your shoe to the standard size.

An increase in size may cause your heeled sandals to become uncomfortable. This discomfort is also related to a shoe with a closed-toe box. However, if you experience pain, you can re-examine your heels or consult a cobbler to stretch the toe box.

Use High Heel Grips or Protectors

This method is another way to make your feet more comfortable in sandals. Heel grips or protectors come with a design that helps to support sandals heels and is ideal for foot stability. They will protect your leg from getting fluctuated when you're walking on land terrains with a faulty heeled sandal.

If you are worried about an increase in heel size, these grips will not elevate your heel size because they are minimal. More importantly, they are transparent, and they won't cause a mishmash with your heel colors.

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