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10 Types Of Women Sandals To Rock Your Summer Look

Every season of the year calls for different footwear. And while some are wearable round the year, you can’t but need some pairs of comfy women sandals in your wardrobe when it's summer.

Well, there are tons of them out there. But if you’re confused about the essential types of women sandals to complement your summer outfits (or maybe something you want to wear around your house), these ten sandals should top your shopping list when it’s time to update your collection.

From wedges to pumps, flats, flip-flops, straps, slides, and lots more, these are the latest sandals that are worth having.  

Our Top Picks

Wedge sandals

Only a few types of women sandals look like regular shoes. And while that's not new, wedge sandals seem to take things to a whole new level.

This pair of sandals look great with almost any outfit available in your closet. Whether you’re rocking skinny jeans, short skirts, or even gowns, they all look great with wedge sandals.

Unlike many high-heeled shoes, wedge sandals have high but stable heels to give you a solid platform to stand on. That's like ensuring you gain more height while ensuring your safety and comfort are a priority.

Heel sandals

The best women's sandals aren't limited to just flats and wedges. You can get them in heels as well. These range from the comfy mid-heeled sandals and the more sophisticated high-heeled sandals.

Heel sandalstake the same characters as most high heel shoes: they're versatile and bring sauce to any attire paired with. You can wear them with dresses, jeans, trousers, and other elegant clothes suitable for various occasions.  

Older women can't stop appreciating mid-heeled sandals for their flexibility in dress sense and comfort in height. Meanwhile, high-heeled sandals—say the stilettos—are adorable and more elegant if you know your ways around them.

Flat sandals

When you talk about versatility, flat sandals are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Like many types of women's sandals we’ll mention here, flats are super comfy. You can slide them on in a matter of seconds, and when you do, it gives your feet a moderate temperature, even in the hottest weather.

You’ll find flat sandals in several styles and designs that make them suitable with a variety of outfits. But one thing is constant: flats would always remain low, not with any funny heel.  

Platform sandals

One thing that looks cool about platform sandals and why every woman should own a pair is their ability to make a statement with any outfit you intend to wear. Also, they help you achieve a significant height raise, as well as the comfort you get from the regular flats and slippers.

Platform sandals are available in many colorful builds and heights, depending on how tall you want to look and how comfortable you want to be while wearing them.

Slide Sandals

What comes to your mind when you first heard the name “slides?” Well, I think you guess right. These types of women sandals are easy to pull on and off.

Their comfortable, eye-catching design with no back straps or slingbacks makes them easier (and quick) to wear since you don’t need to fasten up any hook or ropes.

Not just that, you’ll find them attractive when dressed in shorts, sundresses, and even some fat trousers.

Flip flops

Flip-flopsare just like the traditional (bathroom) slippers. But this time, you can wear them outside, not only inside your house.

Think of exceptional footwear to complement your summer outfit, and a pair of colorful flip flops comes to mind. While many people see them as footwear for doing house chores or just playing around the house, we've seen many people wear them on various occasions like going to the beach, traveling, or just heading to a nearby grocery store.

Unlike slides, which are also comfortable to pull on and off, flip-flops come predominantly with a flat rubber sole and a Y-shaped strap to hold your feet. Perhaps the most comfortable thing to hear about them is that they’re very affordable.

Braided Sandals

They’re women's comfy and fashionable sandals with comfortatable soles. Just drive your feet in, and that's all.

More so, braided sandals are a perfect choice if you care for types of women sandals with heels to raise your height. They’re available in different heel weights ranging from scary slim heels to block heels.

And yes, braided sandals are versatile, as they're wearable to many occasions and look good on many outfits.

Block Heel sandals

Are you looking for sandals with tall heels and perfect for formal outfits? You’ve got to try out pump sandals. 

These sandals come with heels ranging from 2 to 3 inches, making them suitable for most professional outfits like suits and the likes.  

Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals are one of the sought-after female footwear, not just for the summer and warm-weather outfits, but when your outing calls for a sexy look.

And while most sandals comes with “straps,” strappy sandals take the fastenings to a whole new level. You’ll find them mostly with long stripes that can wrap around your ankle and above, giving you a more sexy look than many sandals can.

Athletic sandals

There's a peculiar way of catching up with your fitness goals without wearing those athletic trainers all the time. When it’s boiling outside and you have to get things done, a pair of athletic sandals is what you should opt for.

They’re usually made with rubber soles, which makes them waterproof and comfortable. Other than that, they come with several adjustable straps to ensure you get the best fit when you put them on.

Athletic sandals are perhaps the most rugged sandals available. Whether you’re up for a run, long walk, beach play, or when you need to run an errand that'll task your long walks, a pair of athletic sandals would become your best friend.


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