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What Shoes To Wear For Clubbing For Women

Choosing What shoes to wear for clubbing requires some critical thinking and planning sometimes. First, you'll want to look and feel great throughout the night, so it's essential to wear something classic and fashionable. However, you'll also want to ensure what you wear is super comfortable so you won't break your legs or feel the pains of blisters throughout the next day.

That said, the key for choosing a shoe to complement your club outfit is to aim at showing off your classy, sophisticated style without compromising comfort. Don’t worry if you’re in a dilemma about what shoes to wear for clubbing. We’ll help you find the perfect pair to make you look sexy and steal the show right in this article. Let’s roll in!

Our Top Picks

Rhinestone Heels

Who doesn't love to look fabulous at a club party? Now slip into the glittery hollow high heels to emit the sparkle! You can choose the block heel with a rhinestone strappy design to look glamorous. You can look fantastic by wearing these rhinestone stiletto heels with almond toes. Moreover, do not miss to wear a statement piece bracelet to complete your clubbing outfit style. 

For an impressive look, you can choose open pointed toe with rhinestone embellishments over the strappy design. Moreover, these heels are classic ones that elevate and help you portray your illusioned long legs. 

You can create graceful appeal by wearing the pointy thin heel and they can be instantly paired with party dresses such as maxi gowns, or chic sexy dresses. 

Stiletto Heels

With everything said, there's actually nothing stopping you from rocking your nightclub with a pair of your favorite stilettos if you can handle them. However, always keep in mind that stilettos are not for the faint-hearted. If you're not comfortable walking in them, there's no way you'd show off your dancing skills in them without injuring yourself. So, it’s better not to put them on if you can’t handle high heels.For a start, you can opt for club shoes with up to three-inch heels, then more once you gain enough confidence to walk and dance in them.

In that case, you’ll want to try sexy stilettos with better platforms to balance between height and stability. If you’re okay with that, then there’s nothing wrong.Meanwhile, many ladies who go clubbing with high heels also carry along a pair of slides in their bag. They'll swap out the footwear quickly in case their stilettos start feeling uneasy in the middle of the night. The pumps are closed on both front and back ends with no fastening straps. 

So it is essential to choose the shoe in the perfect size to enjoy its perks. You can show off sleeky sexy legs by wearing the well-tailored dress and show off your curves. So do not hesitate since it's your time to revamp your style.  If you want to dance your way all through the night while looking sexy and fit, you can never go wrong with a pair of chunky heel boots. And besides their adequate provision of foot and ankle support, they'll keep your feet warm during the winters.

Platform Heels

Thrilled to wear heels for the party club? Then it's time to get into the platform sandals and enjoy having fun in your own comfort. The platform heels can elevate your height not only at the heel but also on the whole shoe.

So, the bigger the platform shoe is, the shorter the heel will be. And for starters, we recommend the platform shoes since it is easier to walk. Also, if you are afraid to dance without slips and falls, platform heels should be your first choice. 

These versatile shoes can be worn with cocktail attire, flowy maxi dresses and all casual outfits. If you have the slightest doubts, try it on, and you will realize how comfortable your feet are resting in the shoe. Platform shoes can also be your ready-to-go shoes that can be used to dance at clubs for hours. You will definitely receive compliments when you wear these gorgeous platform sandals since they can be effortlessly paired with shorts, maxi dresses and jeans.  


You probably are going to the club to dance throughout the night. Isn't it? If that's the case, a pair of clean, slick sneakers will elevate your look while prioritizing your comfort.And since sneakers are versatile, you can pair them with a variety of glamorous outfits without looking frumpish. Just opt for a white sneaker with a minimal (or no) design. With that, you will not only look cute, but have a sturdy platform to dance throughout the night.

So, if you've been in search of what shoes to wear for clubbing for women, you could try sneakers. They're excellent footwear for clubbing if you fear high heels and want to dance all night.However, it depends on the club and maybe the location. Some ladies consider sneakers not to be a thing for clubbing, so you’d want to enquire if it’s acceptable or not in the club you’re going to before you head out.

Ballet Flats

Want to achieve a modern look? Explore your wardrobe to pick the elastic ballet flats to impress the crowd. If you don't own a pair yet, no worries. Check out the fascinating collections to steal a pair for you.

The ballet straps with crossover straps are elegant shoes to keep your feet inside the shoe and create a sophisticated look. These ballet flats are nothing but a classier choice among shoe enthusiasts, and they can be worn to dress up and down. These shoes have a rubber insole with lesser heel height, so you can blindly wear these shoes to your town club for a dance.You can wear these soft cushioned, alluring shoes with your favorite floral dress to reveal your flawless style and rock the party!! 

Strappy Heels

Party time in town? You can wear the bold rhinestone strappy sandals to show off your style. These strappy sandals have a nice padded insole which aids in coziness. Also, you can choose strappy sandals which are up to 3 inches in height for ideal support. By wearing the criss-cross impressive straps over the legs, you can look sassy in your alluring dress. Got to attend a wedding party? No worries. Grab on the pair of strappy sandals, and it perfectly matches your mini skirt and eye-catching party dress. 

For the sexy vibe, prefer the sandals in bold and vibrant colors and patterns to spice up your usual dressing style. If you are looking for a versatile heel, pick the strappy sandals without a second thought. If you love to go to the club in a casual chic look, try jeans with T-shirt and match them with heeled strappy sandals. Though the heeled strappy sandals can be best paired with a dress, they can go with every outfit sitting in your wardrobe. So, deck up your wardrobe with new attractive pair of strappy sandals. 

Heel Sandals

When it comes to balancing comfort and elegance, block heels are the club shoes that come to mind. Their primary advantage is the thicker and broader heels, providing unmatched comfort for any woman who wears them. Despite hanging your foot at an angle, block heels manage to allot your weight comfortably across the base of your feet. With that, you get an elevated look in height, as well as stability on the ground. So, there is almost nothing to worry about; even if you'll be dancing throughout the night.

Just remember your stability, weight distribution, and overall comfort depend on the thickness and wideness of the heel. So, you’ll want to opt for block heels with a broad and thick heel, in any preferred style. Without a second thought, you’ll get the comfort you're looking for throughout the night out.

Dress Pumps

Dress Pumps are the elegant and most stylish shoe option for all your dressier occasions. You can wear these shoes that are incredibly versatile and can be well paired with attires such as jeans, skirts, dresses and much more.

By wearing the favorite shoe of most women, you can look like a ravishing beauty. You can prefer chunky pumps for a cozy walk. Also, you will get enough support by wearing these wider heel pumps, and it helps relieve pressure on the feet while you dance. 

Opt for Kitten Heels

When it comes to what shoes to wear for clubbing for women, kitten heels are by far one of the most comfortable and stylish pairs. 

It will not raise your height as high as the stilettos, but will keep you comfortable and elevate your look significantly. Kitten heels are perfect club heels shoes if you’re planning to stand and dance away throughout the night out.

Their low heels make them one of the perfect shoes for clubbing when you can't wear sneakers or are afraid of high heels.

What’s more, they’re available in a wide range of styles and designs, making you look cute and classy in your outfits, inconsiderate of how you style them. You'll want to wear something like ruffled dresses, pencil skirts, shift dresses, frocks, or maybe trousers.

Slingback Heels 

Slingbacks are the ideal sandals with a thin strap that runs around the heel to protect your feet. If you are aiming for great support, immediately grab the sling-back heels and enjoy the sharp look. 

You can wear the closed-toe slingbacks for a glam look, and it works with various dresses, blouses and skirts and much more casual attires. Moreover, if you are looking for ideal slingback heels, you can buy the heels in neutral shades such as brown, black, white or beige shades. 

Slingbacks are undoubtedly elegant shoes that go with the trend; you can either choose a pointed or rounded toe style based on your liking. These heels are the perfect choice for every woman who wants to wear heels with comfort and adequate support. Also, you can easily dress up or down by wearing these slingback shoes and creating a statement style. 


If you can overlook club high heels, women's boots are generally healthier footwear to wear for clubbing. That’s because of their nature of providing adequate support for foot and ankle than most pairs of comfortable heels can do.

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