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Women's Wedding Shoes




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Meet Your Match

Love is in the air and we are confident that you’ll find a dazzling match. Flutter into wedding season with black, gold, nude,or  silver wedding sandals. Don’t believe in love at first sight? Let us make you a believer with our silver and gold Wedding Shoes Collection curated for a variety of women with sparklingly different preferences and styles. Block heel, or low silver heel wedding shoes for the bride. Whatever you’re looking for, we guarantee you’ll find your match.

Expert Choices and Designs

All our shoes are designed in the United States by carefully chosen style experts dedicated to communicating only the latest styles. Our flat wedding shoes are the latest in the category with only the best insoles/outsoles chosen for comfort. Our platform wedding shoes include classic designs like pointed-toe or a more modern open look. Sandals for wedding season are always best for ladies who want to have a good time all night long.

An Incredible Night

Take advantage of this opportunity to dress up and have an incredible night. We want you to leave the night feeling like you could dance for another hour. Dream Pairs silver heel wedding shoes are chosen with this goal in mind. How can we help you look amazing and feel incredible? Shoes that care about your wedding look almost as much as you do. 

Popular Colors of Wedding Shoes for Women

  • Silver Wedding Shoes

    Silver shoes for weddings are a popular choice for brides across the world, offering a sparkling touch to the bridal attire. The reason behind their popularity is their inherent versatility and elegance. Silver is a neutral color, which makes it compatible with almost all color schemes and styles. These shoes can range from glittering high-heeled stilettos to comfortable silver sandals for weddings, offering a plethora of choices to the bride.

    Silver wedding shoes often come embellished with rhinestones or crystal detailing, adding an extra layer of glamour to the bride's look. A particular favorite among brides are silver wedding heels, especially for those aiming for a balance of comfort and style. Silver block heel wedding shoes are growing in popularity due to their stability and fashion-forward appeal.

  • White Wedding Shoes

    White wedding shoes are a traditional choice, often associated with purity and innocence. They are usually chosen to match the white wedding dress, offering a seamless look from head to toe. However, there are a few misconceptions about white wedding shoes. Some believe that they should perfectly match the shade of the wedding dress, which isn't always necessary. In fact, a slight contrast can create visual interest and depth in the bride's attire.

    Another misconception is that white shoes can only be worn with a white dress. On the contrary, white shoes can pair beautifully with colored wedding gowns, providing a striking contrast and standing out as a unique accessory. Whether you choose silver, gold, nude, or white shoes for your special day, remember that comfort should be a priority.

  • Gold Wedding Shoes

    Gold shoes for a wedding symbolize opulence and luxury. They are especially striking when paired with warm-toned wedding dresses such as ivory, champagne, or even unconventional colors like blush or red. The metallic shine of gold shoes adds a royal touch to the bride's ensemble, making them ideal for grand and lavish weddings.

    The style of wedding dress that best suits gold shoes is typically rich in texture and detailing. Think along the lines of lace, intricate beading, or voluminous tulle. Gold shoes can work beautifully with both traditional and modern dress styles, but they are most visually striking when paired with equally regal attire.

  • Nude Wedding Shoes

    Nude wedding shoes are a classic choice that never goes out of style. The understated elegance of nude shoes makes them a favorite for brides who prefer a minimalist and timeless look. Nude shoes, owing to their color, create an illusion of elongated legs, adding to the bride's grace and poise.

    The versatility of nude shoes allows them to fit into a variety of wedding themes. They can work perfectly for a rustic barn wedding, a chic city ceremony, or even a beachside nuptial. However, they particularly shine in pastel-themed weddings, where their subtle shade complements the soft and romantic color palette.

Popular Wedding Shoes for Women

  • Wedding Shoes For Bride

    Bridal shoes are the quintessential choice who want to make a statement. These shoes come in various designs, from delicate lace detailing to dazzling embellishments, ensuring that every bride finds a pair that perfectly complements her gown. Low heel wedding shoes are an excellent option for brides seeking comfort without sacrificing elegance.Whether adorned with pearls, crystals, or intricate lace, bridal pumps are an enduring favorite that never goes out of style.

  • Wedding Shoes For bridesmaids

    Wedding shoes for bridesmaids should offer comfort. Comfy wedding shoes for bridesmaids can be both fashionable and functional, ensuring you can dance the night away without any discomfort. Block heel bridal shoes or flats are the perfect choice for bridesmaids seeking stability and comfort. These shoes offer a modern twist on traditional wedding footwear. Bridesmaids can wear them comfortably all day. 

  • Wedding Guest Shoes

    Wedding guest shoes should offer a stylish and practical option. You can select wedding guest shoes that provide breathability, comfort, and versatility while still looking elegant. Comfortable heels for wedding occasions are essential, and sandals can provide the perfect balance of style and comfort. Bridal pumps tell a tale of timeless elegance. With their closed-toe design and various heel heights, pumps can accommodate every bride's style and taste. 

  • Wedding Flower Girl Shoes

    The flower girl shoes should exude confidence and sophistication. The perfect flower girl shoes are the ones that can reflect the personal wedding style. From ballet flats to low heel dress pumps, there are countless options to choose from. Don't forget to consider factors like the wedding venue, gown length, and your comfort level when selecting your dream pair..

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