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8 Types Of Women Boots You Should Have In Your Closet

Boots aren’t just fashionable and all-time trends; they fit for almost every condition and occasion. And if you’re chanced to only wear a single-styled shoe for the rest of the year, I bet they’re some pairs of your favorite boots. There are various types of women boots that fit different occasions, styles, and seasons.

If you’re looking forward to spicing up your wardrobe with some pairs of new boots, but you're not sure of the types that suit you or your next occasion, we can help! Check out these 8 essential types of women boots you should have.

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Chelsea boots

Also known as “Dealer boots” in the UK, Chelsea boots are one type of women's boots made for your comfort. Basically, they’re booties (or ankle boots) with one characteristic distinguishing them: the elastic on their side.

 Why add elastic to a boot? Well, the flexible materials are there to help you dress and undress the boot easily. When you want to pull on or off a Chelsea boot, the elastic on the side expands so you can do so easily.

Ankle boots

They’re one of the most popular types of women boots you can get out there. And unlike others, ankle boots are always short—falling a little above or precisely on your ankles. They also come in unique designs—mostly with heels and sometimes without heels.

Ankle boots fit best with jeans, sweaters, and most other dresses.

Knee-high boots

Looking for a perfect type of boot for your next formal - maybe a business or casual meeting, you should definitely try out Knee-high boots. They fit perfectly for those occasions.

They aren’t called “Knee-high boots” just to make a fancy name; they're boots that go as high as your knees and sometimes, falling below or above it by a few inches.

According to their nature and designs, Knee-high boots pairs well with your up-to-the-minute miniskirts and leggings.

Over the knee boots

As its name suggests, “Over-the-knee boots” are types of women boots that go beyond your knees. And like Knee-high boots, they pair well with miniskirts, leggings (tight jeans), and many pairs of shorts.

OTK (over-the-knee) boots have been in existence as far as the 15th century, where men wear them as riding boots. It wasn’t until the 20th century that they redefined OTK boots for women. And yes, they look even more alluring on women.

Snow boots

Different seasons of the year demand different types of women boots. And for Women's Snow boots, they’re ones you’ll ever need to help you cross through winter without damaging your feet or stirring up health issues once the winter is over.

Snow boots are just perfect for what they are—built with waterproof materials to disallow snow and water from entering the boot, hence keeping your feet warm and dry. And thankfully, they come in gorgeous designs nowadays. Gone are those days you need to settle for ugly snow/rain boots just to be “protected". But now, snow boots come in beautiful designs that fit well with whatever dress you want to match with them.

Mid-calf boots

Mid-calf boots fall between ankle boots and knee-high boots—they're not as short as ankle boots and not as tall as knee-high boots. And like many boots out there, you can wear Mid-calf boots with many attires in your closet.

From your skinny jeans to short skirts, short gowns, knee-length skirts, and others, Mid-calf boots work well with them. And if you're rocking your midi skirts and dresses—that goes far below your knees, you can wear a pair of your favorite mid-calf boots with it.

Riding boots

Riding boots are a popular demand for riding horses or motorcycles, though you don’t have to be an “equestrian” to own one. They come in various builds and finishes that add a posh feeling to your outfit and overall look.

You’ll get a pair of riding boots in elegant materials ranging from leather to suede and in classic colours like black, brown, grey, or navy.

Naturally, they’re made to protect your legs while riding. And even if you’re not going to be riding with them, riding boots still does their job in your daily activities.

Platform boots

Even if you’re seeing them for the first time, it's pretty easy to recognize platform boots. They often come with thick soles/heels ranging from one to four inches (and beyond). They don’t just have high heels to showcase the style only; owning a pair of platform boots can save your feet from getting wet in a flooded environment.

If you don't have a pair of platform boots in your wardrobe already, you should get one. Yes, they pair well with almost any type of clothes. Whether it’s a skirt, jeans, shorts, or just any clothing and style, you won’t be wrong for matching it with a pair of platform boots.

Boots are an all-time trend. They spice up your outfit.

There are just so many styles and colours of women's boots to choose from. Whether you're looking for what covers up your tights, falls below your knees, or perfectly around your ankle, you get the perfect boot for every occasion and season.

However, one thing remains constant: there is an overabundance of women's boots that fit various outings. But if you have the eight essential boots mentioned above, you’ll be the queen at your occasion, office, and wherever you set your feet.

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