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How to pick the best shoes for jeans for women

Jeans are one of the basic wardrobe essentials and its weather friendly. You can wear jeans on every occasion from formal to casual, business to parties; hang out with friends, or on just a normal routine.  Jeans are highly versatile but this does not mean that you can wear them with any shoe pair that you have in your wardrobe. You must have the right knowledge about the right shoes for jeans.

Your outfits reflect your personality and confidence. If you are wearing a perfectly matching outfit and look stunning, you will be more contented and calm from the inside. By pairing perfect shoes for jeans you can cross the fine line between classic and basic look.

Shoes to wear with jeans

Since pairing suitable shoes with jeans is significant, now the question arises how will you know the best shoes to wear with jeans to give a perfect match and look? Just continue reading this article to know the best shoes for your jeans hanging in your wardrobe, to elevate your classy look.

You can wear pumps, kitten heels, stilettos, ballerina flats, platforms, mules, Thigh high boots, and loafers with jeans. You can say that I almost mentioned every variety of shoes because there are all shoes for jeans because of their versatile nature. Now we will discuss in detail the looks.

Pumps and Heels

The most common, stylish, and elegant shoes for jeans are heels. For a professional look wear beige color khaki jeans with a black coat and black heels. Try funky pumps with skinny jeans and a crop top and enjoy being prominent in the club for your sassy look.

If you are not a heel lover try skinny jeans or ripped jeans with funky flat pumps and dark-colored jeans. Mostly for a casual look try matching pumps with jeans color. When it comes to comfort, nothing beats the boyfriend jeans. Carry these jeans with leather brown colored pumps with heels.


Gladiators are mostly flat shoes with strappy features on top. These are the most common but fashionable shoes to wear with skinny jeans and khaki jeans, especially for a casual look.


For those who do not want to wear high heels then sandals are the shoes to wear with the jeans of your desire.  Flat sandals look great with baggy jeans to give you swag by wearing them with a loose shirt. Thong sandals are the best for summer.

Do you know, what are the best shoes to wear with jeans like crop jeans? It’s the strappy-heeled sandals.


Loafers are the best shoes to wear with straight jeans. You can make your look classy by wearing a black loafer with a black leather jacket and blue jeans. If you are planning to hang out with your friends, try white loafers with light blue jeans and a lovely top. Are you tired of wearing sneakers with mom's pants?  Now it’s the time to wear loafers to retouch your personality.


If you want something to wear with your jean that is more comfortable for a long walk then sneakers are the best shoes for jeans. Sneakers are present in a variety of designs. Contrast sneakers with ankle-showing straight jeans that make a stylish look. Flared jeans are now back in fashion after a long time and what is more perfect and goes best with these jeans except retro sneakers.


Mules are becoming trendier today. They are heeled shoes with open toes. It gives your outfit a perfect head-turning look. Try white mule with denim jeans with a white top.

Wear straight jeans with a long floral shirt with short heel mules for a perfect lunch look. Flat mules are also in fashion for a classic and stylish look.

Ankle boots

Skinny jeans were in fashion for a long time but they are not trendy now. But still, it will give you the best looks by wearing it with black leather high ankle boots. You can carry it with a black shirt and cap for a stylish and attractive look.

Ankle boots are the best shoes to wear with skinny jeans. Heeled ankle boots also look fantastic with flared jeans.  Low ankle shoes also suit best with blue jeans and a red sweater.

For a unique style, complement patchwork jeans with leather boots and a white shirt. Pointed-toe boots look fabulous with baggy jeans.

Platform and kitten heels

If you are short-heighted then you should go with platform heels with skinny or side split jeans. For a professional formal look, try denim jeans or denim jeans with black kitten heels and a coat.

Boat shoes

If you want a more casual look or if you want to spend your day outdoors and you don’t want to wear sports shoes. Then try ripped jeans or straight jeans with boat shoes for comfort.

Shoes to Wear with Black jeans

For a professional and formal look, try black jeans with black flat shoes or black or metallic heeled pumps. Black jeans are also paired with funky neon-colored heels or sandals. Black jeans with a black top and funky blue heel with red lipstick are the best party look.

Shoes to Wear with White jeans

White is a summer-friendly color and suits everyone regardless of what color complexion they have. White bellbottom jeans with a black top and black wrapping strap heels go best for lunch and shopping look.

Square toe shoes with brown cheetah print with white flared jeans and silk shirt also go very well together.

Ending Words

With the versatile nature of jeans, you can style differently with the same usual jeans just by doing some creative shoe selections that match the best. You can find a variety of options of shoes to wear with your different styles of jeans in this article. Now you just need to select which options suit best for you.

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