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Women's Square-Toe Shoes




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Collection Description

A Fresh Angle 

Spice up your look with some fresh angles. Our women's square-toe shoes offer a new perspective from every side. While others wear the same old shoes, you'll stand out from every facet. Pick from reds and blacks, and wear them with everything from jeans to flowy gowns. With these shoes, you find the right look.

Make Statements    

You got something to say? Make statements with our square toes heels. Walk in wearing them, and eyes look to your feet first. The sharp styles hit people in a way that regular round toes can't. Now, your feet have a character that demands a second look. Square toes let your whole look have the attitude to stand out in any scene.

Own Who You Are

Own who you are from your head down to your square-toe shoes. These women's square toes shoes say loud and clear, "This is me". The edgy shape fits those who live on their terms. When you lace up, you lace up as your true self and face the day as the strong person within. Square toes are for those who know themselves and aren't afraid to show the world exactly who they are. 

Edge of Trend  

Ahead of the curve is where you want to be. Square-toe dress shoes keep you there, defining the trend as you wear them. While others wonder what’s new, you live it daily. Set yourself apart from the mainstream with this edgy yet polished profile.


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