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6 Top Trends for Kids' Back-To-School Shoes

It’s back-to-school season and also the perfect time to buy new school uniforms for your child, including shoes. Finding a new pair of practical and comfortable kids’ back-to-school shoes might be an exhausting chore, but with the right help, you can make the shoe-hunting experience much easier.

Kids spend a significant amount of time in school, and knowing that they have supportive and comfortable shoes on their feet is a big relief. Kids’ school shoes should be breathable, slip-resistant, and have easy fastenings. But with so many options available, it’s no surprise that you would end up with confusion. To rescue you from these baffling reviews available all over the internet, we have prepared a list of some astonishing shoes that can make their back-to-school experience more delightful.

Our Top Picks

Kids Sneakers

Level up your kids’ shopping experience with sneakers! Sporty footwear can definitely catch some eyes and is a cooler option for kids’ back-to-school shoes. They are incredibly comfortable, and kids can flex them around their friends with confidence.

Look for sneakers with arch support and rubber soles to absorb the daily walking and playing impact on kids’ feet. Also, the shoes should be flexible - avoid sneakers that have too rigid or thick base. Sneakers that have incorporated padded midsole are also important as they provide stability and prevent fatigue. Moreover, choosing mesh sneakers is a great investment for your active and energetic kid. So, go for it!

Soccer Cleats

Treat your soccer-loving child with one of the best kids’ back-to-school shoes – the soccer cleats. They are mostly lightweight and are made up of durable or breathable materials such as leather or mesh. The traction soccer cleats provide on the playground is also phenomenal and helps in stabilizing speed and performance.

Think of the design that has padded and cushioned heels, collars, and soles to ensure ultimate comfort. Moreover, these shoes should be lightweight and have extra protection that allows swift movement during the game. Soccer cleats should have a perfect sock-like fit with a little room for growing feet. You can also get help from soccer coaches for the right fit.

Mary Jane Shoes

If you have picky children who are trying your patience in picking back-to-school shoes, we are sure she can’t say no to the beautiful pair of Mary Jane shoes. These shoes have round-toe glossy uppers with buckled or hook-and-loop straps and a geometrical design.

The best thing about Mary Jane is that they can accommodate wider feet quite easily. So, if your kid has wider feet, you don’t need to worry. Also, these shoes can be worn even after school at weddings, traveling, or casual outings. Prioritize buying Mary Jane with a cushioned footbed and adjustable straps.


The stress behind finding the right school shoes is real. Parents want the best for their kids, and flats are one of the most comfortable kids’ back-to-school shoes that can keep up with their school and playtime activities. Your growing child needs shoes that can protect their delicate joints, and flats are one of the coziest shoes for this purpose. They are flexible, easy to walk in, and can keep your little ones comfortable all day.

Flats are available in different child-friendly styles, such as ballet flats, Mary Jane, and slip-ons. To keep your child safe from all the challenges thrown at them, it’s important to buy them shoes that have supportive features too. Kids’ shoes must have cushioned soles with laceless, buckled, or Velcro closing. Avoid distracting patterns and designs as they will look odd and may violate school dress codes.


If you live in a state that is exposed to excessive rain, snow, and cold weather, then choosing the boots that can protect your child from such elements is the right decision to make. Boots are one of the best kids’ back-to-school shoes in winter due to the warmth and traction they provide. They can keep your kids’ feet dry and safe, so they can have a comfortable time at school.

When choosing boots for your little darlings, it’s recommended to choose shoes with waterproofing and slip-resistant properties. Fur-lined and padded boots are also considered a great choice for school kids. In addition, boots are highly durable and can happily last longer even after vigorous and vicious use by your kid.


Beat the back-to-school fever with the unbeatable comfort of sandals. They are versatile and suit kids of every age. Sandals are available in a mix of styles, but it’s better to stick to shoes with minimal design to avoid any dress code violation. These shoes help kids to move comfortably. The good part – sandals are ideal warm weather footwear that allows easy air circulation.

Kids are energetic souls, they run all day long, and you can do nothing about it. But one thing you can do is to provide them pair of shoes that feel like a cloud under their delicate feet. And to serve the job, sandals are the appropriate shoes. They have rubber soles and adjustable straps with easy slip-on features. Sandals can protect your kids’ feet from running impact and sudden shock.


Shopping for kids’ back-to-school shoes is quite a challenging chore, but we can rest assured that our recommendations and buying tips can come in handy. From practical to stylish footwear, our article has covered many options that can soothe your little ones’ feet. With our recommended shoes, your kid can stay healthy and active. So, don’t rush to “any” shoes; instead, go for a well-fitted and practical pair to get your kid prepared for the new session. 

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