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How To Style A Button Down Shirt

Did you know there is more than one way to style a button-down shirt? And this is exactly what we are going to tell you. We are listing down the styling techniques of this beautiful wardrobe staple and identifying how those different styling techniques can present your personality in a totally different way. The button-down or an oxford shirt is a good option if you are feeling fancy and sophisticated but it is hardest to answer how to style a button-down shirt in different unique ways.

First of all, before further moving to style a button-down shirt, you need to know the few things that a perfect button-down shirt is. Always invest in high-quality shirts, look for a good tailored-fit shirt with fine details and a high-quality breathable fabric. Now moving towards the detail of the topic, how to style a button-down shirt?

Full tuck

This is the most classic, formal, and commonly used look used by both men and women.   It looks best with a fitted blazer or cropped jacket. Put the collars out of your jacket and roll the sleeves a little. It gives you both a formal and a casual look. Replace your professional blazer or coat with a casual leather jacket and you are all set for dinner. You can wear formal pants in the office and pair with jeans, palazzo, or wide-leg pants for a casual weekend look.

Half tuck look

Half tuck can transform any shirt into a casual look. Wear it with jeans or khakis on weekends. While tucking a button-down shirt always remember one thing. Make sure that the buttons of your jeans and shirt are aligned otherwise it will give you an add look rather than a classy. Complete the look with some light jeweler and a printed scarf.

Front tie

Button your oxford shirt right about the point where your jeans button is.  Grab the button corners of the shirt and give it a good tie in a knot by leaving tails a little bit. Pull the edges to hang down the tie. Roll the backside of the shirt on your hips. Roll up the sleeves to put a cherry on a cake.  Pair this look with jeans, skirts, shorts, or cropped trousers. Wear a pointed-toe mule with this.

Add Layers to your shirt

When we are talking about adding layers to a button-down shirt, there are many options to do it. It can automatically upgrade your personality and give your body an elongated look. You can add layers up or underneath the shirt. Wearing under a crew neck and sweaters in winters with an oversized button shirt is a really good idea. Roll your sweater sleeves a little above your shirt cuffs. It creates an illusion of a heighted body.  You can also add a layer underneath the shirt by some dresses in the summer. This also looks sexy and classic.  It can be both office and casual wear. Wear block heels or sneakers with this.

Crossover wrap your shirt

For crossover wrap, unbutton your entire shirt and start tucking in your pants over your waist. Overlap edges over one another to get a wrap effect. You can get a more elegant and stylish look by doing this style. You can also cuff your sleeves.

Try with denim-on-denim

A plain white button-down shirt is a classic wardrobe basic that has so much styling potential. Style your tailored-fit shirt with denim on denim style. Throw your shirt and denim jeans on and grab your denim jacket and neutral ankle-toe boots to get a simple yet classic look.

Off-shoulder look

When you are thinking about how to style a button-down shirt, off-shoulder can be among the best and most stylish picks. Wear your shirt leaving two to three buttons from the top and buttoning the rest. Slowly sleek the shirt from the collar off your shoulder. It looks feminine and super cute.  You can tuck the shirt from the bottom or you can take the edges and tie it into a double knot over your belly or waist wherever you like. You will love this revealing look.

Leave it open

You can put on a lacy camisole, bold top, swimsuit, body suit, or monochrome tank top and leave a button-down shirt open above it. This is a super casual quirky look. You can also wear only an oversized button-down shirt and belt it with a classy fancy belt. You will definitely embrace this look. Pair with black heels and light jewelry.

Go for printed

Get a floral printed button-down shirt. Leave buttons open up to the waist and French tuck into denim shorts or miniskirts. Pair with boots or sneakers and your casual hot look are ready. Go for a beach or friends meet up and get ready because everyone is going to have an eye-catching moment by your look.  You can also wear white classic shirt with printed trousers or culottes pants. Or you can try patterned tripped shirts with wild print skirts, wraps, and dresses. Style your look with a purse and ankle-straps or flats.

Collar tuck

Unbutton two or three buttons from the top and tuck your collar in by folding it. It makes your shirt a casual look for hangout, dinner, night out or you can even try it in office setup. It gives you a wide neck and you can add necklaces or chokers. Complete your look with boots, sneakers or fancy heels according to the place where you are going. This is easy, cute, and a must-do looks.

 Above mentioned are our suggestions on how to style a button-down shirt? Classic simple plain and unique beautiful printed shirts both are in trend. You can make a thousand styles out of it. You do not need to spend dollars on new outfits, rather you can pair and style our suggestions or you can make your own unique combination. Just wear with confidence and style.

Stay with us to know more about styles and fashion.

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