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How to Pull Off A Trendy Look With Espadrille Sandals

The best looks can be created by wearing espadrilles, and you may wonder what is called Espadrilles? They are elegant shoes with a minimalist style made up of natural fabric, Jute. The espadrilles consist of jute soles that can also be used as simple rope or even intricate braid designs. But nowadays, espadrilles are made out of vulcanized rubber attached with a jute sole. 

Moreover, the espadrilles are available in colorful canvas and styles to be worn for any occasion. Once you wear a pair of espadrilles, your feet will absolutely love them due to their soft nature, best sole support and great rubber finish.

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Espadrilles are the first choice for summer since they are made of jute rope, and most of them are open-toed to keep your feet sweat-free. Here are some common types of espadrilles

Among these shoes, Espadrilles wedges are the most popular ones; since they provide great support and display more beautiful braid designs than other espadrilles styles. 


If you have fashion queries on how to pair your espadrilles with outfits, check out the various dressing styles to look astounding. 

Espadrille Sandals With JEANS

Who doesn’t like to look chic on a sunny day? Flat Espadrille sandals go very well with skinny jeans, and during summer, you can switch to any espadrilles from your winter shoe collections. Moreover, you can also choose wedges and heels if you have wide legs. 

For an extra-ordinary look, choose a charcoal T-shirt with jeans and espadrille sandals. 

JUMPSUITS & ROMPERS With Espadrille Sandals

The best outfit you can choose for any vacation is the jumpsuit. The rompers are an all-time favorite for most women during the summer and spring seasons. If you like to create the finest look, you can opt for espadrille platform sandals and mules. Wearing an off-shoulder jumpsuit can complement your style, and you can look both fashionable and bold. 

DRESSES with Espadrille Sandals

There’s no best way to welcome the summer other than wearing a beautiful flare dress. You can pair wedges or high heels for dresses if you are on the shorter side. Moreover, you can opt for a flat espadrille if you are tall. You can also get attention by choosing a gladiator espadrille wedges with dresses. 

Moreover, prefer espadrille wedge sandals with a wide neck or v neck dress. 

Espadrille Sandals With SHORTS

Are you a shorts person? If yes, you can pull off your look with the espadrilles for the summer. Slip-on, flat espadrille sandals, and espadrille platform sandals are excellent choices for the shorts. You can choose a neutral oversized shirt with shorts and mules for a hot look. 

You can wear slip-on with shorts for a basic look, and to create a sexy look, pair your shirts with oversized t-shirts.

Pair With A SKIRT

Skirts are always the best choice for women; especially denim skirts add extra grace to women. Denim skirts are the perfect choice for Women’s espadrille sandals and low wedge espadrilles. You can opt for a short skirt and top that matches your espadrille style and color. 

If you love to wear espadrilles for your workplace, you need to choose a casual style. Though people don’t prefer espadrilles for their office, you can opt for some closed-toe wedges instead of open-toe espadrilles. Also, you need to go for neutral shades instead of bright colors that you can enjoy during summer. 


Espadrilles are the must-have shoes in every wardrobe, and they are the perfect shoes for sunny days. They are the coziest shoes that help you spend your day at the beach more relaxed. 

You can feel the best support once you wear the espadrille sandals, and that can be paired up with outfits such as dresses, Capri’s, jeans, shorts and skirts. Check out the below ideas on pulling off the best style with espadrilles. 



Espadrilles are the most comfortable, fashionable and versatile shoes anyone can wear. And they are the classic collection of every wardrobe. You cannot miss such a collection during your summer holidays, and they are known for their flexibility. Espadrille sandals have the most intricate braid designs that look cool for neutral colored outfits. Do you love to add one to your shoe collection? Then take a look at the perfect espadrilles shoes waiting for you!!


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