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What shoes should I wear for dancing

Everyone can dance to hip hop in a few minutes at home or other places with their regular shoes. But when it comes to special dances that will take a long duration, you won't need them. Why? You can only use specific shoes for dancing to avoid getting your foot hurt in the process.

What Shoes Should I Wear For Dancing?

If you want to make your foot flexible for dancing, you will have to go for the right pair of shoes. Besides, it is not just to make things right, but it is also for your comfort. Surf through the list below to see the different dancing shoes you can try out.

Ballet Shoes

If you're looking for dancing shoes that are both flexible and comfortable, you can't go wrong with ballet shoes. When it comes to dances, both men and women can make use of ballet shoes. They're soft and won't hurt you when you dance with them.

Ballet shoes do not usually have flat outsoles, contrary to what their other names could suggest. These dancing shoes have firm heels that will keep your body from slipping while you dance. Even better, the heels make it easier for you to move your body around.

Unlike ballroom shoes, ballet shoes are usually composed of leather. The outer covering of the shoe adds style to your body when worn. These shoes are and will always be a fantastic match for dancers.

Jazz Shoes

Jazz shoes are another form of shoes for dancing that you can wear when it's time to dance. These shoes have firm and flexible soles that make them easier for you to turn around. They won't drag your foot down like your ordinary shoes because they're lightweight.

Jazz shoes are not just for jazz dancing, in contrast to what their name suggests. You can use these shoes to dance with afro, hip hops, and other genres of music. When the dance begins, they will keep you steady and moveable.

The suede or leather rubber soles make it ideal for a variety of dance styles. Although the shoes are low heeled, they are not like your usual heeled shoes. The short heels of the shoe make it comfy and easier to switch your body in turns.

Dance Sneakers

Sneakers are also a good option for dancing if you don't want to use the shoes indicated above. These are ordinary shoes that you can find around and that almost everyone owns at least one pair. You can use them to dance and wear them on regular occasions as well.

When it comes to wearing these shoes on your feet for dancing, they are lightweight and won't give you bruises. Unlike most other shoes, they have flat soles that make your foot evenly placed on the ground. While you may intend to dance and stand on your toes, the sole of the sneakers allows such.

In contrast to the suede and leather bottoms seen in most dancing shoes, sneakers have a rubber sole. This feature does not, however, rule out the possibility of taking body turns. You can always swerve around in sneakers and dance as you want.

Ballroom Shoes

Ballroom shoes are one of the best choices when it comes to choosing typical shoes for dancing. These shoes are flexible to turn around and are suitable for different land textures of where you are dancing. Whether you are on steep or smooth ground, these shoes will swerve your body around with ease.

The ballroom shoes often come with different features for both males and females. You can either come across the high or low heeled with some distinguishable features around them. You should, however, opt for a low-heel ballroom shoe that will allow you to have your body weight rested equally on the shoe while dancing around.

The suede covering on the shoe bottom helps to control friction between your shoes and the dance floor. It prevents you from breaking your legs or getting any other blisters. If you love to dance, these shoes are always a must-have.


Ghillies are fancy shoes for dancing that you can try on whenever you feel like dancing. They are different from other kinds of dancing shoes you can find out there because they are mainly a fit for Scottish and highland dance. More so, these shoes are usually black and have no heels.

The ghillies shoes have laces along the instep. Like your sneakers, you can conveniently interweave and tie the laces. Despite their similarity to ballet shoes, leather is the basis for their soles.

Ghillies shoes are lightweight and easy to walk in. While taking different turns in dancing, the flat soles help you stay balanced. Even better, you can tie the long laces tight, and they won't slip off while dancing.  

Are Shoes Important for Dancing?

When it comes to dancing, dancing shoes are necessary for you to have. You might wonder why it's required or why I should have to buy a pair of dancing shoes if I don't have one. However, you should know it is not just about the cost or its mere functions. The shoes are fundamental to avoid leg pains and discomfort whenever you intend to dance.

If you always want to try dancing with your regular slippers or barefooted, it could lead to leg injuries. Moreover, dancing shoes are needed for body support while swerving around. They are often lightweight and easy to carry around. Dancing shoes have several different features from your regular shoes, which makes them essential.

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