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How To Style Jogger Pants For Women In 2022

Are you searching around the internet to figure out what to put on with joggers? Are you tired read baffling and vague articles and countless YouTube videos but still couldn’t find out what to wear with joggers? If yes, then don’t panic, we will love to help you. Keep reading this article to find out how to style jogger pants.

Joggers are a casual type of trousers designed for comfort or athletic purposes, but nowadays they are worn on many different occasions. Its popularity rose to heights because fashion shifted in the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting an increase in remote work. Nowadays, many high-end and haute culture brands have inclined towards creating simpler, athleisure-inspired jogger styles.

Jogger Pant Types and How to Style them

Following are the most popular types of joggers and a guide on how to style jogger pants.

Twill Joggers

Twill joggers are the most popular joggers nowadays. Twill joggers usually contain an elasticized drawstring waistband. They are made up of twill fabric. They can be well dressed in sweatshirts T-shirts and polo shirts. Sneakers are indeed the best choice to wear with these joggers. Additionally, espadrilles also go well.

Fleece Joggers

Fleece joggers are in fashion because of their fabric which looks stylish and it is also very comfortable. They can be worn with a variety of upper garments including T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and long sleeves. The best shoe pair is slip-on loafers and canvas sneakers.

Shirred Leg Joggers

Shirred leg joggers are crunched and tapered at the end. They make you look more stylish and voguish. When it needs to style joggers, these pants are best paired with T-shirts, biker jackets, or hoodies. The best shoes to wear with these joggers are sneakers, loafers, and boat shoes.

Moto Knit Joggers

Moto knit joggers are also very prevalent among men these days. The Moto joggers have a waistband string with a narrowed bottom. Over and above that, high-quality materials of fabric are used in the manufacturing of these trousers. You can wear them with polo shirts, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. The best shoes for this pairing are sneakers, trainers, and gym shoes.

Hip-Hop Joggers

The hip-hop joggers are the most trendy and modish joggers for the modern era styling. They are popular due to their unique and baggy design. These shoes can be best paired with t-shirts sweat shirts, and biker jackets. They go perfect with sneakers, trainers, and athletic shoes.

Color Block Joggers

These joggers are also popular these days because of their eye-catching and weird multi-colored appearance. They also provide you with a trendy and stylish appearance. Although considered clumsy in the past, these joggers are gaining popularity each passing year. These shoes can be paired up with T-shirts and Henley shirts. The shoes that will come up with it include sneakers and loafers.

Chino Jogger

Chino joggers give you a classier look than other types of joggers. These joggers look best with T-shirts and Henley long sleeves. These joggers can be best paired with white ankle-high sneakers and slip-on loafers.

Cargo Jogger

Cargo joggers are also popular because of both their quality and trendy appearance. They look good with sweatshirts, button-down shirts, and Henley shirts. The best shoes paired with these joggers are ankle-high sneakers, boots or loafers.

Upper Garments to Wear with Joggers

Following are some ideas on what upper garment to wear with joggers:


T- Shirts have become a general-use part of casual clothing. T-shirts have become a part of fast fashion. They are best to wear wardrobes for casual attires with joggers and also a better choice for summer season clothing.

Sweat Shirts

Sweatshirts are long-sleeved pullover shirts made up of thick cotton material. They can be paired well with joggers because of their modern and top-notch appearance. They are for use in cold weather and a less casual look.

Long Sleeves or Henley Shirts

Long sleeves are polo shirts without collars. They also give a refined and classic appearance to your attire.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts match up excellently with the joggers giving you an adorable and striking appearance.

Track Jackets

Track jackets are also becoming popular because of their increase use by the fashion industry. They are a part of tracksuit containing track jackets and a matching jogger. Most people wear it for running or other physical exercises.


Hoodies also have become an important part of fast fashion clothing. These hoodies have a muff stitched on the lower side and a thread string to change the hood opening. They add an attractive appearance when paired with joggers.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are a popular type of casual apparel. Originating in The Unites States, they have become popular clothing throughout the world. They also look amazing with joggers.

Biker Jackets

Biker jackets have also become popular in recent times because of their modern and trendy look. When paired with joggers, it increases your elegance; these can be worn for casual events or during bike riding.

Shoes to Wear with Joggers

Following are the most classy and popular shoes that can be paired up with the joggers:


Sneakers are no doubt the best choice for joggers because sneakers have the same stylish and trendy appearance that joggers have to offer.

Running Shoes

Running shoes also look fabulous with joggers because of their casual look.


Espadrilles are indeed an amazing choice for joggers because their simple yet modern design matches the look of joggers.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes also look engaging with joggers. If you want a stylish and attractive look, go with these shoes.

Gym Shoes

Gym shoes are also a good choice to wear with joggers, especially during exercise or other athletic activities.


Loafers are versatile shoes. They can be worn with joggers giving you a fascinating look.

Accessories to Wear with Joggers

Joggers give you a sophisticated yet classy appearance. But accessories can add to your look. You can add watches, bracelets, or sunglasses to your look. This is another best way to style jogger pants.

How Joggers should fit

Joggers should fit loosely in the upper part and tapered in the lower one-third. They should never be like loose sweatpants. Conversely, they should be tight-fitted to give you classy modern attire.


When it comes to solace and design, joggers are awesome to pick.  Quite a while in the past, people felt that joggers are intended to be worn just during sports. These days, joggers are the best closet fundamental and street style to convey due to their light-weight and comfort. You can wear it at every casual occasion or gathering or simply be at home.  Joggers have evolved over the past 5 years and became more popular because of their versatile nature.

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